Weekly Web Feb,10,08

Well I decided to add a little spice to Jesus Encounter and do a weekly web of 5 things I have to share from the web this week. I’m going to share websites or videos you may never know, but it will always be something that I’ve been using during the week.

Blog Communities

The Blog Experiment

The blog experiment is a site that has a great forum with great people on it. You can get your blog reviewed by the community and just drop in and talk blogging. When you get a certain amount of posts in the forum they offer you free wordpress blog themes for your self hosted wordpress.

Blog Rating


Xinureturns is a great place to check your overall blog statistics. You can check your page ranks, how many links you have on the internet, how you rank in search engines and stuff its great to help you learn more about your blog.

The Blogs

Rend The Heavens

Rend The Heavens is an awesome blog written by a man named Chris. He has gotten my head thinking a couple of times and he is always ready to share what God has been doing in him and his church. It’s a great blog if you want to see what God is doing outside of your community or you just want to think a bit. Check it out.

Awesome Purpose

Awesome purpose is written by a young man that last year God changed his life dramatically. God grabbed him and turned his life completely around. I’m not going to tell you what happened you will have to read his testimony on his blog which I highly suggest you do cause it’s amazing.

Space Of Reality

I’m a regular reader of Space Of Reality and today I was mentioned on the blog for some blog awards. It was really cool to be mentioned on someone else’s blog and even cooler to be given an award. So check it out and see what I received =)