It’s Just A Dream

Ok so we have all had dreams. We’ve had dreams while we slept, dreams of who we would marry and dreams of our life and how it would turn out. But no one can say they don’t relate to dreams.

Today I was thinking of all the dreams I have had of being a certain thing when I grew up. I remember when I was little I wanted to be a police officer so I could join the swat team. I can’t really tell you what ever compelled me to this motivation to do so. But that lived its course and then I had a dream of being in the United States Air Force, but that came and went. But then did I have the best dream of all, I was going to be a studio musician. Yeah that didn’t work either. I still love music and everything and I still continue to play but the one thing that led me to drop these dreams was a lack of a calling.dreamresize.jpg

Yeah so I wanted to be so many things but all of it was what I wanted to do or what friends wanted to do and I just wanted to be cool and be with them. Well it didn’t last. I guess there came a time I grew and realized that all that stuff wasn’t for me but then the problem with that was what was I suppose to do then?

Well I was at a conference and I was listening to Benny Perez preach I think he was talking on standing out for God or something I can’t really remember. But I was sitting there and all of a sudden God put a vision in my head of me being there. It was like he replaced Benny and put me there it was really weird. Well that was like 4-5 years ago. So I told some people about it and thought I was called to be a youth pastor but I kinda just was like eghhh and kept it on the down low. Well I started to pursue an more active role in leadership in my youth group and I kept feeling like there was more, that God was teaching me something.

Well finally last year I was at another conference and in worship God said “hey you remember how I called you to be a pastor? Well now is the time to start.” I was like cool playing it cool and all with God ha ha. But then it hit me ohhh no he really means it. So I left that night answered and confused. So the next day at the conference I asked God ok yeah I know I am suppose to be a youth pastor and all but I want to make sure this isn’t another one of those dreams. Well all of a sudden it became one of those things is you ask God and you kinda don’t really expect him to do type things. Well all of a sudden my heart was changed, I had a desperation for what he had called me to. I started to see all the teenager in that auditorium and was amazed to see so many people after God. God had changed my heart from just being a normal student leader to developing my heart into a pastors heart.

But the biggest thing of all is I don’t think I would have ever came to this point had I not had those other dreams in my life. If people didn’t encourage me to go after my dreams I don’t think I would have found out that they weren’t for me. If someone crushed my dream I probably would have done it out of spite to prove them wrong. So I am glad that I was always encouraged to follow my dreams. As Christians we need to be encouraging and that also means encouraging people’s dreams. We dont know what God has fully planned for that person’s life but he does and we just need to encourage it. If I wouldn’t have had a dream of being a police officer I probably wouldn’t have felt a calling to be a leader as much as I was but cause of that dream it developed a point in my life.

So I guess through all this you know what God has shown me today about dreams and how my life has been changed cause of dreams.

What have been your dreams?
What has God shown you?
What kinda of characteristics have you developed cause of your dreams?

Feel free to answer those questions in the comments so others can hear and grow also.

Much love ~ Jeremy Newton


A Call To Love

The pastoral staff at my church has started reading How To Be A People Person by John Maxwell. Well they asked if I would like to read it and I said sure and so I got a copy. Well I started reading it and I’m not even thru the first chapter and I’m already loving the book. But the biggest thing that has stood out is a quote John said “People Don’t care how much you know tell they know how much you care”. Bigcrowd.jpg

It’s simple but its got so much depth behind it. As Christians we usually know alot or think we know alot and have to tell everyone but what God has shown us or what we have learned doesn’t matter unless people know we care about them and we want to help them out of love.

The greatest form of witnessing is love. There’s enough people in the world telling people what they are doing wrong and what needs to changed and alot of them are Christians to. But we should be loving and show we care. My life the way I have it right now I would love to see my whole community saved, but honestly thats not going to happen by me standing on the street and yelling at people and telling them what I know. I need and have started setting myself in the positions to make relationships. When people know I care about them and this community they will see why I do and thru me being Christ like that will be a greater motivator then telling someone to get saved.

Well I can keep going on and on but I want to keep it simple and open for plenty of discussion.

Much Love ~ Jeremy Newton

Updates To Jesus Encounter

Hey there have been some updates to the site.

First you will notice an about me section. I wrote a little something up and you can check it out and it even has a picture of me looking good =)

Also you will notice that there is only one other page besides my about me and thats cause I decided to take them out to make room for some future stuff so keep checking up for updates while I work on them.

So check the about me and leave a comment and let me know if I should include anything.

Much Love ~ Jeremy

Desperation In Confusion

So I’ve been thinking alot more lately about life again[I hate growing up =)]. But lately I have been trying to find a job and I had an interview last week and I didn’t get the job. But I had applied at other places and didn’t even get an interview. But its really weird I was bummed for like 10 minutes but then my focus changed. The whole time I have been applying for jobs and stuff I have been praying to God “Lord let your will be done, Not mine”.

Desperation.jpgWell I think I may have figured out God’s will finally. It may be really obvious to other people around me but for me it hasn’t been so and I needed to find out for my self. I think right now in my point in life that I am suppose to be focusing on God and what he wants me to do. I already he know what he wants me to do, he wants me to be in the middle school. So its kinda weird it took me this long to figure out God’s will even though I knew what he wanted me to do. I had to ask God to forgive me cause I believe the reason I was looking for a job was I wanted money and I wasn’t satisfied completely with were God had me.

Now I love were God has me but I wanted something different also in my life. Well thats not what he has for me. Well I decided to spend some time in prayer tonight after I read my word and God showed me that I wasn’t happy being were I have been. I wanted money and I wanted to grow up and start a normal life but God doesn’t want me to have a normal life he’s called me to be well not normal. He also showed me that I also need to trust him. I worry about having income and stuff but God told me I just need to trust him. If I am in Him and doing what he wants I need not worry. It’s really funny how I have known this but in the moment of putting myself first I kinda forgot. After I was done praying it was amazing the since of completion I felt. I was suddenly happy and content were I am in my life. It’s really amazing how God can changed you in a heartbeat.

I have gotten to the point in my walk with God that I guess I thought was bad but I read an article from Louie Giglio last night that showed me it wasn’t. Basically I wasn’t feeling God in my walk with him like I didn’t know what he was doing at this time. But Louie started to say that Mother Teresa in her last time was feeling the same way. She didn’t know were God had her or what He was doing in her life but she kept serving and doing what God had already called her to do and then she found out what God had.

I was having trouble with this until I read this article and God told me the answer. We all go thru times like this in our lives, Now we can get down about it and quit doing anything tell we find God or we can just stop going after God all together. But that isn’t the answer. The answer is desperation. God wants us to be utterly desperate for Him and in these times of not knowing him is when we need a heart of desperation and perseverance. We go thru these times and thru desperation we don’t just find out what God has been doing but we grow in our walk with God and our desperation with him.

Another thing to do when you feel this way is pray to God and ask him to reveal to you an area in your life that you need to work on. You know what He did with me. I don’t know if I was really happy at first with the answer but I am now cause I now cause He showed me why I needed to work on it.

God told me I need to work on prayer. He said you you can pray but I don’t want that I want desperation. I want your heart crying out in desperation in your prayers. It hurt at first to hear that but then I was comfortable with it cause God reassured me that he was going to help me and that it’s just going to make my stronger.

And the second thing he showed me was I really need to watch my put downs. I tend to be really harsh with it. So I’m going to start working on it and not using putting downs but I want to speak life. I want to start encouraging and uplifting. I know I love being uplifted and instead of putting down I am going to uplift.

Well I guess you know were my head has been this weekend now. So if you have any questions feel free to comment or contact me, Also feel free to discuss this post in the comments.

Tell next time,
Much Love ~ Jeremy Newton

A Ponderation On Life

So my whole youth group for the month of January has been doing a 31 day fast and I remembered today that Thursday is the last day of the fast. But then I got to thinking “Ok I know God has done awesome stuff this month and awesome stuff in me” But I needed to sit and ponder it to see the broad spectrum of what he has done. So I am going to post about that and what he has done in me.

Well first of we really started hitting theLife.jpg
volunteering with the middle school this hard. We have been going in during lunch and hanging with the kids and getting to know them. It’s been awesome and I have met some great kids, but thru this whole experience my heart has been transformed in a way I never thought it would have been. See I noticed that if I missed a day or didn’t get to go down there I felt guilty it was weird to me at first. So I prayed to God “Why do I feel guilty if I miss” and he reminded me that back in August that he showed me a vision of the middle school and he wanted me to get in there and help. Well and that worked I am in there along with some friends from church also. So I realized that I was feeling guilty cause I knew God had called me to be there and I was missing out.

But thru this fast I realized that I had taken a step and had gotten in there and started helping out but God wasn’t finished. He gave me a vision of me going into the middle school, now he has given me a vision of the middle school’s culture being completely changed. He gave me a dream of the kids getting involved in church. But thru connecting with the students during the lunch hours and volunteering with some painting my heart has been transformed more. I now feel connected to the school in a whole new way. I cant sleep at night without praying for the school and the kids in it. God has added to my journey in amazing ways.

Well during the fast I sat down and asked God “Lord, I have taken the first step now what do you want me to do?”. Well he answered and he gave me more than one answer. He answered for what he wanted me to do in the school and then gave me more insight into what he wanted me to do in my life in the future.

First for the school; He told me he wanted me to just connect. It was cool thought cause when he said that it reminded me of what paul said in 1 Corinthians 9:19-23

1 Corinthians 9:19-23 (The Message)

19-23 Even though I am free of the demands and expectations of everyone, I have voluntarily become a servant to any and all in order to reach a wide range of people: religious, nonreligious, meticulous moralists, loose-living immoralists, the defeated, the demoralized—whoever. I didn’t take on their way of life. I kept my bearings in Christ—but I entered their world and tried to experience things from their point of view. I’ve become just about every sort of servant there is in my attempts to lead those I meet into a God-saved life. I did all this because of the Message. I didn’t just want to talk about it; I wanted to be in on it!

But when he reminded me of it he showed me my life and said that is you and you are living it out. it was really cool cause I really got to see that I have been doing what God has wanted me to do in this stage of my life.

He also pointed out that cause of my age I have a great opportunity to be doing what I am doing cause I’m still a teenager so I still have that special connection with other teens. It was really cool to hear God tell me all this.

Then for the last part. I have known I was suppose to be a youth pastor but God showed me a little more into that. He told me “I have given you a vision of this school and you have done that and I have transformed your heart for this school and the kids in it, I have given you this heart to prepare you. I want you to be a Junior Hight Youth Pastor.”

It was like a huge eye opener. I kinda questions why in the world would God be wanting me to do this and why did he show me this. Well I now know why. He is training me for my future and the coolest part of it all is I have met some amazing people and I get to make an impact on my community.

I can honestly say the last 6 months or so I have felt gloomy cause I knew what God wanted and I was doing it but I didn’t understand at all. Well he showed me.

So to summarize . I compel everyone that is on this fast to ponder the fast and what God has done. You will be surprised. It’s no coincidence that God has called us to fast the first month of the year. He is showing us Him for the next year and what he wants us to do this year to make a move for Christ

Much Love ~ Jeremy Newton

How To Make A Better Blog In 13 Steps

I decided that I wanted to share with everyone some of the stuff I have learned from1051_76_77---The-Famous-199-Steps--Whitby--North-Yorkshire_web.jpg
blogging that will help you keep your blog going and to make it better.

1.There are many things that make up a great blog but the first thing is you got to pick a topic and stick with it. You can have a sub topic but make sure you blog is mostly posts on your topic.

2.Have great content. If you want people to read you need to have content that will attract people and keep them reading. A great way of keeping good content is to always put your spin on it and talk about yourself people would rather read more about you than stuff you can find everywhere.

3.Read and comment other blogs. Blogging isn’t just about you its a community. So visit other blogs related to your topic and read it and comment on it. When you comment you get a chance to link your blog and most authors will check you out and when you get to know them you never know you might create permanent link backs for each-other.

4.Pick a good layout. The way the web is now which is called web 2.0 they want clean and modern. Don’t pick a dark blog and don’t clutter it. Keep it organized and resourceful and keep stuff easy to find.

5. Link to other blogs. If you read something you like link to other blog.
6.Use social networking sites to submit your blog and its posts to sites like these:

Stumble Upon
Blog Catalog

7.Always comment back to peoples comments cause then you start discussion on your blog and it attracts others.

9.Use rss and make it easy for others to access. That way others can know when you update your blog without having to go to your site.

10.Use categories for your posts to keep everything clean and organized.

11.Post frequently but don’t post useless stuff. Post great stuff with good content. If you want to keep readers you need to keep giving them stuff to read.

12.Use pictures. When you have longer blog posts pictures take the focus off of all the words and make your posts look so long and it adds a little fun to your posts.

13. Don’t post huge posts. If people don’t understand something or want to know more you can continue in your comments and attract more discussion on your blog.

If you want to know more feel free to discuss and ask questions and I will add and if you want to add more to the post let me know and I will edit my post.

Much Love ~ Jeremy Newton

Championship Sudoku On A Rollercoaster

So today I was reading some discussions on a web bard and I came to realize that most people that I have ran into on the web want nothing to do with God and in the process of that they begin to tell others what is wrong with what they believe. Now I know it can go both wast, Most Christians as most people in this generation would say, Christians shove to much, they are always pushing their beliefs and telling people they are going to hell. I hate to say it but they re right! Christians in the broad spectrum tend to be for a lack of a better word/description ” I’m going to shove what I believe at you and if don’t like it then forget you there’s no hope for you.” Honestly if someone was doing that to me I wouldn’t listen to them. If I wasn’t already a Christian and know why I believe what I believe and my beliefs are based off of my personal walk with God I probably would stay away form religion, Cause there are hypocrites, to many rules and wacky beliefs. But the problem with all that is how we are perceived just but using the name Christian. Yes I hate Christianity at time but not for reasons you would think, It’s cause of the people that give other Christians a bad name, the broad sense of complexity and the label put on you when you say you’re a Christian.

“It seems finding and embracing God has become more complex than championship sudoku on a roller coaster. ~ Louie Giglio”

Seriously why is Christianity so complex, I don’tRollercoaster.jpg
believe God ever intended it to be that way.
When Christ said take your cross and follow me he meant just that “follow”. Don’t plan your life than put me in it but follow me. Following always brings spontaneity and acting in the moment. All God wanted us to do is follow him and embrace him and then form that relationship we will know what God wants us to and when. When you follow someone and learning form them your Character changed and you begin to be like them. God is a person of love and would do anything for those whom he loves. When we begin to imitate God thats what others should see, They should see God’s love. How are they suppose to see that wen we are to busy telling them their wrongs? There are to many sources in this world already telling us how bad we are what is wrong with us. Why would someone want to go after God when the person that is suppose to show the representation of God is telling them what the world is already saying to them? That’s not love. We only need to use words when people as but if not we just need to love and them a life committed for God and changed for the better from that commitment.

Now back to simplicity. All we need to do is follow God and from that comes a passion and that’s were the would with God starts. When we follow God he will direct us to what he wants for us in our life’s.

I’m going to end here to ope for discussion and comments. If you have questions ask but most of all feel free to discuss.

Much Love ~ Jeremy Newton