My Testimony

Well I have really never written out my testimony to share here at Jesus Encounter and I think it could help others by posting. I’m not really good at sharing my testimony cause I don’t like talking about my past faults but it’s good for me to do cause it shows what God has done and what he is able to do so thats why I do it.

WARNING: There is some talk about Pornography and some stuff that goes along with it. But it is to show were God has taken me.

Testimony.jpgWell I’ve grown up in church my whole life and I have had christian parents my whole life that have raised me in church to love and worship God. I loved growing up in church and I’ve had godly friends cause of that.

But when I started to hit my teenage years I guess I got to the point of I knew God cause of my parents but I didn’t know why I knew God personally. So when I hit 6th grade I decided to back out and not go youth group. I hated going to church I only went cause I had to. I sat in the back row and couldn’t wait tell it was over so I could get out of there and do something else. Well about the end of 7th grade I had a friend that started going to youth group and he asked me to go with him so I went. Well since then I have been going.

But even though I had decided to get re-involved in church didn’t mean all my problems were gone or were never gonna come back. When I hit about 12 I started getting into pornography and it was really bad. I always went to bed at night kinda depressed cause I knew I had done wrong but I was so caught up in it I had forgotten about God. I was going to church but I put on a mask so no one could see. There was a period in this time of when I started getting into pornography that if the world was to end I knew for a fact that I was going to go to hell. I didn’t want to ask God to forgive me cause I felt guilty cause I knew I was going to go back to doing it.

Well eventually my parents found out cause my life had changed and they noticed something. So for awhile they helped me get out of it and I was good for a couple years. Well when I hit 15 my old sins decided to catch up with me. I started getting into pornography again and this time I had gotten into self gratification. My old sins had come back and the problem was I was hiding them so much better than ever.

It started to get to the point were I started looking for Sex. I never divulged in it. I wanted to so badly but it was really weird and I know it was God cause something held me back. I knew better but I wanted to but God kept grabbing me and pulling me back. I thank God to this day that I never did give into having sex. It’s really hard in this sexually active culture we live in but God has grabbed ahold of my life in a way that I have never divulged into it.

Now I finally started to get help and I got the hold of it off on my life. Now I’m human and I’m not perfect and I still deal with it from time to time but there is an ever loving God in heaven that has given me more than just a second chance cause he loves me and had a calling on my life. Thru all that has happened I learned at how important it is to have accountability and to have an honest person to be accountable to also. I hate to say it but there was times when I felt worse for my actions cause I would have to tell my accountability partner than I felt for displeasing God. It’s no longer that way. God has reshaped my heart thru accountability that I have more than one person to fess up to but most of all I have God.

Now I guess the greatest thing I had to do thru that and everyone does in there lifetime is I had to find out who God was for me and not just know him for being my parents God. Now I challenge everyone to find out who God is for them and not follow God cause someone else but I pray that you don’t have to go thru what I had to go to. IT has affected my life and has left scars. Even though I have those scars I have put my past in my past and have used it as a foot hold to stand on to get closer to God.

Testimony2.jpgThe greatest thing I had to learn when I sinned was to face it, put it in the past and use it to grow closer to God. If I used it to grow closer to him it no longer had a stronghold on my life cause I would remember what happened but that God got me out of it and so it not longer would have its hold on my life.

Well now that you know of my downfalls now it’s time to see how God has changed my life for the better which most of you know thru reading my blog and just knowing my personally.

I went to a conference when I was about 16 and I saw pastor Benny Perez preaching and God showed my a vision of me doing what he was doing. Standing up preaching and sharing him and preaching at conferences. Now I kind of dismissed it at the time cause I didn’t believe in myself. I didn’t think I could ever do anything like that I had a lack of self confidence and self motivation.

Well last year we went to a Jesus Culture conference and God showed me the vision again and that time I knew it was real. I had grown and knew that if God wanted me to do it, it was going to happen if I gave him control. It was no longer about my own will but God’s will on my life cause I knew he had better for me.

Well I started just devoting myself to God and in this last year I don’t think I have ever devoted myself to God so much in my life. I finally knew what I was going to be in life and knew that God had called me so I just persevered into Him.

Well we went back in August last year and God showed me more. He showed me getting into the middle school and reaching out to the kids there. Well last month I started going into the school and doing what he had called me to do. It has been amazing to see something I though impossible just happen with ease cause I put it in God’s hands.

Now I have a link to this community and I am able to connect with kids that I have never met in my life before. It has been an amazing experience and is still continuing to be.

Now after the conference in August I knew I was suppose to start sharing what God had done in me and showed me the past year but I didn’t know how. Well I prayed about it and that is how Jesus Encounter was birthed. It was birthed as a way for God to use me as being an internet holic and use that for him. He has done amazing things in me so far. He has continued to pour out in me as I have been pouring out what he has given me on others.

So now you know the story of God in my life and I hope that it has blessed you to hear how God has raised me from death to life.

Much Love ~ Jeremy Newton


5 Responses

  1. Glory to God, my dear brother! I love reading testimonies of how He convinces us =) He’s awesome man! I love His ways.


  2. Jeremy,

    You never know who’s reading your blog. All I just want to tell you is this; don’t relent. He that has called you will surely fulfill His promise(s) in your life.

    I am encouraged and challenged by your life. It’s a wake-up call to me too.

    Thanks for making yourself as a vessel unto honour for the Master’s use.

    God bless you

  3. I am impressed with how you were able to handle not falling into fornication and living to tell the tale. God loves you and everyone else including me.

    A lot of Christians have kept silent about their sexual sins during their puberty but you have been open about it this early inyour lie.

    That admission will help you a lot in overcoming more temptations which you’ll encounter in your lifetime.

    God bless you

  4. Thats Jeremy!!! for sharing about amazing God!

  5. It’s nice to see how god transform people…

    …. i don’t know how and when to be back… sometimes i feel i don’t like to go back at all!
    I don’t like sitting in one side and just cry not depending myself. People are cruel… they will keep on hurting you if you never fight back!

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