Huge Major Update

Well I guess it’s time for my big suprise that I have been hiding the last couple days.

I’ve purchased my own domain name and hosting. That’s right Jesus Encounter is all self hosted and is one step closer to meeting its vision.

Now I’ve spent all night getting the blog moved over there and all set up and stuff and I got most of it done. There’s a couple things but nothing you guys will really notice. So to check out the blog visis the future blog home of Jesus Encounter.

Now I’m in the process of designing the web site but I wanted to make sure to get the blog working.

So check it out and bookmark it cause that is the new blog. Oh yeah all those who have feedburner need to resubscribe to the feed for the new blog.


Everything you see here is at the new blog. All the posts, comments and pages its the same blog with a new spin. So check it out.


Culture Shakers

Salt Shaker.pngSo last night I was worshiping and God kept speaking to me thru worship. He started showing me the community I live in, the culture that surrounds them and us and showing me this nation.

Thru all that He said to me that He needs his Culture Shakers to get ready and shake this Culture for Christ.

Now it may sound weird talking about culture shaker and what not but I’m going to go into detail about it cause its been running in my head all day and I believe I am suppose to share it.

Now I’m pretty sure I don’t have to explain the meaning of culture cause everyone knows what it is and we all are living in this culture.

Now our culture to sum it up is generally about self,sex,media,money,toys. Now Those can branch off into a lot of things but they all narrow down to those.

But that’s the worlds culture. What is our culture as Christians look like? Well its the polar opposite the culture Christians are in or should be in is about Others,waiting for the one,Prayer,Serving God and many others. If you look at our culture and then look at the culture of the world your going to see the opposites. But God said in the last days everyone will have the chance to know him.

Now how is that suppose to happen? Well in Joel chapter two God speaks and says “I will pour out my Spirit on all kinds of people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, and your young men will see visions”. Then you go down a ways to verse 30 and he says “I will show miracles in the sky and on earth: Blood, fire and think smoke”. Now I believe all this is prophetic to when Jesus was coming and to the days we now live in. All around America you are starting to hear stories of people getting healed, people giving there lives to Christ, People stepping out of the comfort zones to share the love that God has shown them with others. All this has to do with people seeking after God and doing what He wants.

The church has started running after God in a way they never have before. They are searching after Him and things are happening. Churches are stepping out into their communities and changes are happening in whole cities. The closest church that I know of that is doing all this and more right now is Bethel Church in Redding, California. That church has stepped out from church and into their culture and is making a change. That is culture shaking.

I believe it is time for all of us to submit ourselves to God so we can shake this Culture. It’s time we step out of our comfort zones and show people all that God has done for us and the love He has for us.

If we are to change this culture we can’t just sit back. It’s time to roll.

I’m going to make a pact right now in my life and I hope others do to be a Culture Shaker. I’m ready to press into God and I’m ready to get out of my comfort to listen to God and do his will. I’m ready to shake this Culture and my community and I hope you are to.

Much Love ~ Jeremy Newton

Future Development

So were is Jesus Encounter going? Well I’m going to answer some of those questions in this post. I’m going to describe to you some idea’s I have and want to bring to life and hope you might join me in partnership to help make those goals work.

First I want Jesus Encounter to become more than just a blog. I want it to by a a place for Christians to congregate to learn about God and to help others grow in there walk with him. I want there to be discipleship if people want it, prayer if people need it and a sense of community so others don’t have to feel they are alone for Christ.

back_to_the_future.jpgThere are many ways to go about this but first it’s going to take a website. To get a website you need to pay for online disk space to store your website on then you have to pay for your dot com name. Thankfully that stuff has gotten pretty cheap and isn’t terrible.

Things I would do is recreate Jesus Encounter into a site instead of a blog. The focus of Jesus Encounter wouldn’t be the blog. I would create a site and have prayer,discipleship,community. Everything it takes to keep your walk with God growing and everything it takes to help any christian in any part of their walk with God.

I would have to form a team to help with prayer requests if the need ever got to much for one person. I would have a place were you can write discipleship articles and you send them in and I will approve them and post them on the site with all credit going to you.

I would start up a Christian blog ring. A place for other christians that blog to find other blogs that other christians are writing. It would be a place of community for the Christian bloggers.

I would start a Jesus Encounter blog and/or site of the week contest. I will read blogs and websites and have people submit stuff they want me to read also. By the end of the week I will find the best for the week and I will write a post about the site and stuff to help promote the site for its good content. OF course these sites would revolved around Christ.

So far thats my dream for right now and my goal. If you have any other idea’s I would love to hear them and I would like to hear what Jesus Encounter is to you.

Now all this can happen with first buying webspace and a domain name. Now being a student out of high school I don’t have a source of income so I don’t have enough money to purchase this for the time being and I don’t want to clutter Jesus Encounter with adds just to make money for it. So if you feel compelled or you like what Jesus Encounter is or is going please feel free to donate.

All donations will only be used for the soul purpose of Jesus Encounter. It will be for maintaining the website and getting it going. If Jesus Encounter takes off really well then hopefully we can start taking donations to help those in need or to send money to Charities that will help those in need or help get the word out there.

I see Jesus Encounter as a ministry and for that to happen I can’t do it all on my own. So I ask you today to join me in making this work. Pray about it and do what God wants you to do.

To donate you can use the donate now button via paypal at the end of this post.

I don’t want to bug people for money and I don’t want people to think that I am that way. All I want to do is show you my dream for Jesus Encounter and provide you an opportunity to support it.

May God bless you and show you himself in a way he never has before.

Much Love ~ Jeremy Newton

Please make some donations