Huge Major Update

Well I guess it’s time for my big suprise that I have been hiding the last couple days.

I’ve purchased my own domain name and hosting. That’s right Jesus Encounter is all self hosted and is one step closer to meeting its vision.

Now I’ve spent all night getting the blog moved over there and all set up and stuff and I got most of it done. There’s a couple things but nothing you guys will really notice. So to check out the blog visis the future blog home of Jesus Encounter.

Now I’m in the process of designing the web site but I wanted to make sure to get the blog working.

So check it out and bookmark it cause that is the new blog. Oh yeah all those who have feedburner need to resubscribe to the feed for the new blog.


Everything you see here is at the new blog. All the posts, comments and pages its the same blog with a new spin. So check it out.


Updates To Jesus Encounter

Hey there have been some updates to the site.

First you will notice an about me section. I wrote a little something up and you can check it out and it even has a picture of me looking good =)

Also you will notice that there is only one other page besides my about me and thats cause I decided to take them out to make room for some future stuff so keep checking up for updates while I work on them.

So check the about me and leave a comment and let me know if I should include anything.

Much Love ~ Jeremy

Scratch My Back

Hey I thought I would make a post so that everyone could give me some feedback. So I am going to write what kind off feedback I am looking for and let me know honestly.

Stuff You would like to see,
Stuff you don’t want to see that is on here,
Ways to promote my blog.

Really I am looking for any feedback and suggestions on my blog so help me out. I was thinking of maybe making a community of christian bloggers but all this stuff that I want to do with this blog and ideas I have to have a website. But if you think I should I will work to my best to get a site.

My New Project

Hey it might be a little while before you guys so any posts cause of my current project I’m working on.

I’m in the process of making a video tutorial series for the youth website and my blog on how to blog.

I’m gonna be going thru how to set it up, how to change your themes, how to write, how to edit, how to use rss and a bunch of cool features.

So you might see some writing while I’m working this project but not as much as your normally would. So tell you start seeing videos popping up have fun =0

A Better Confession

Well as going thru the setting captives free it said I should bring light to what has happened and I am going to do so. I’m going to be very honest and blunt and I suggest if your younger you do not read on. I’m going to write it in a decent way but some stuff might not be acceptable to younger people.

The last year I have dealt with alot of sexual impurity. I have dealt with pornography, self gratification and have put some friendships in awkward positions but those have been fixed. Out of all this my talk and my life with God hasn’t been good at all. I haven’t been with God like I should be. I was only seeking him when I was crying out for help or an intervention. I was hiding in darkness and sin like a fungus grows and gets strength in that darkness. From keeping my sin hidden all I was letting it do was grow and it became worse.

But what I am doing now is bringing light to that and am confessing that the image I have put on to alot of people wasn’t 100% true. I didn’t want to bring light to anything cause I was afraid of what might happen or what people would think. But all those thoughts were cause of the strength of the sin in my life telling my lies.

But I’m telling you all now. That I have stopped my habitual sin. I am on day 3 of 60 of my setting captives free course for getting thru pornography and sexual impurity. In these 3 days I have made more progress than I have ever made in the past. I feel so much better about myself.

I had forgotten the power of bringing sin to light until I was reminded by it, And the common lie of the devil is that it will make us feel worse or more guilty, But that isn’t true. When bringing sin to light we sap the strength and power it has on us. Sin is like a fungus in all ways. Fungus can’t live in light it has to remain in dark.

Now it’s not common to announce sin so publicly. Normally you just tell a few people and your accountability partners. But cause I am in a place of leadership and people are reading my blog and getting answers from what God has shown me. I felt it was appropriate to bring it to public light.

I hope that thru my confession others will do the same and I also want you to know if you struggle with this you are not alone. Everyone does and I suggest you go thru the setting captives free course.

Much love ~ Jeremy

My New Year

Well the last part of the year hasn’t been really good at all. Alot of stuff has happened in my life and i’ve fallen down the rabbit hole. Well I started getting into some stuff that alot of guy’s get into and I have been struggling with it and I’ve dealt with it in the past but this time it was alot different its like I haven’t ever been hit this hard with it before ever at all. Well and if that wasn’t bad I dropped out of my personal time with God. I wasn’t reading my word I was praying but thats cause I was crying out for help, But I didn’t do anything to redeem that help.

Well now I went into the new year with it and I guess the blind fold has finally come off and I now notice what was happening. So I messaged some guys{all older than me} and told them what had happened and to pray and help me out. So I should be getting on back track now. I am going to start going thru some stuff at x3church and I will be going thru this course online called setting captives free. So now I am really fighting this cause I have to much going for me to just give up. I’m tired of getting thrown around and beat up so I am taking a step forward and fighting back.

Now to the rest of my new year lol.

I will hopefully be starting school soon to become a youth pastor and that will be really cool I don’t think I can wait much longer lol. Im so stoked about it.

I got into the middle school and will be helping out and everything and that was totally God there also.

Now here is my biggest problem. I want to study and do the middle school stuff cause thats what God has called me to, But none of that makes money right now. I have to find some way to make money and get an income cause its getting really hard to be 19 and not be working or anything. So I just wanted to ask you all to pray that God will help me out. If he doesn’t want me to work that would be fine. I just want to do what he wants me to do.

I also want to get a job cause I would love to start a site called Jesus Encounter. It would be this blog and other resources and everything. I haven’t planned it all out but I believe it can be really awesome. That takes money though also. So just pray that God will help me out here =)

Well thanks for listening and please keep me in your prayers.

Love Jeremy =)

Coming Soon

Hey everyone just wanted to update you. I’m not dead. I’ve just had a busy couple weeks and I will be back to posting shortly. I have been dealing with some stuff and once I figure out the best way to word it I will write it and ask you guys to pray about it. I’ve wrote about it once but I’m still dealing with it so I want you guys to be able to pray for me and just help me figure this out.

So check back soon and I will have it up.