Huge Major Update

Well I guess it’s time for my big suprise that I have been hiding the last couple days.

I’ve purchased my own domain name and hosting. That’s right Jesus Encounter is all self hosted and is one step closer to meeting its vision.

Now I’ve spent all night getting the blog moved over there and all set up and stuff and I got most of it done. There’s a couple things but nothing you guys will really notice. So to check out the blog visis the future blog home of Jesus Encounter.

Now I’m in the process of designing the web site but I wanted to make sure to get the blog working.

So check it out and bookmark it cause that is the new blog. Oh yeah all those who have feedburner need to resubscribe to the feed for the new blog.


Everything you see here is at the new blog. All the posts, comments and pages its the same blog with a new spin. So check it out.


A Challenge

Well I posted my testimony last night and it got me thinking of some stuff that I had gone thru and I decided to come up with a challenge.

Why is it that your a Christian? Is it because you were raised in church? Is it cause you were made to go to church? Is it because your friends are?

I know for me for the longest time I was serving God because he was my parents God not mine. I was raised in church so I just believed what my parents and everyone else did.

But I challenge you to pray about it and ask God who he is to you. I finally had to come to the place were I dropped God as my parents God and took Him as my own.

I believe if we are ever going to do amazing things for God its requires us knowing who he is to us. Yes we need to know him and know who we are in Him but it also requires knowing why we believe in Him and for what reasons.

So take the time and ask God to reveal Himself to you and to help you grow closer to Him.

If you have accepted the challenge and want to post who God is to you feel free to leave a comment and I plan on after getting some submissions posting another post on who God is to other people. I will take what you guys have given me so people can see who He is to others.

Feel free to contact me via email if you would rather email me your submission than post it in a comment.

Good luck and God bless ~ Jeremy Newton

How To Make A Better Blog In 13 Steps

I decided that I wanted to share with everyone some of the stuff I have learned from1051_76_77---The-Famous-199-Steps--Whitby--North-Yorkshire_web.jpg
blogging that will help you keep your blog going and to make it better.

1.There are many things that make up a great blog but the first thing is you got to pick a topic and stick with it. You can have a sub topic but make sure you blog is mostly posts on your topic.

2.Have great content. If you want people to read you need to have content that will attract people and keep them reading. A great way of keeping good content is to always put your spin on it and talk about yourself people would rather read more about you than stuff you can find everywhere.

3.Read and comment other blogs. Blogging isn’t just about you its a community. So visit other blogs related to your topic and read it and comment on it. When you comment you get a chance to link your blog and most authors will check you out and when you get to know them you never know you might create permanent link backs for each-other.

4.Pick a good layout. The way the web is now which is called web 2.0 they want clean and modern. Don’t pick a dark blog and don’t clutter it. Keep it organized and resourceful and keep stuff easy to find.

5. Link to other blogs. If you read something you like link to other blog.
6.Use social networking sites to submit your blog and its posts to sites like these:

Stumble Upon
Blog Catalog

7.Always comment back to peoples comments cause then you start discussion on your blog and it attracts others.

9.Use rss and make it easy for others to access. That way others can know when you update your blog without having to go to your site.

10.Use categories for your posts to keep everything clean and organized.

11.Post frequently but don’t post useless stuff. Post great stuff with good content. If you want to keep readers you need to keep giving them stuff to read.

12.Use pictures. When you have longer blog posts pictures take the focus off of all the words and make your posts look so long and it adds a little fun to your posts.

13. Don’t post huge posts. If people don’t understand something or want to know more you can continue in your comments and attract more discussion on your blog.

If you want to know more feel free to discuss and ask questions and I will add and if you want to add more to the post let me know and I will edit my post.

Much Love ~ Jeremy Newton

Christian Blog Ring

Hey I wanted to see who would be interested in making a blog ring. Basically we all just link to each others blogs on like the sidebar of our blogs or something. That way people can keep looking thru to more Christian blogs. Let me know what you guys think.

I think it could be really good in the long run for all of us. If you want to just leave me a comment and I’ll check out or blog or if your on blog catalog check me out on there and we can set it up on there.

Also I was thinking of posting on some other topics is there anything you would like to see? I was thinking about maybe on blogging and stuff you can do to make your blog better. Let me know thats what the comments are for =)

My Sermon Tonight

Well my sermon went well I think or atleast as well as I could do with my skill of public speaking. But I wanted to upload my notes and everything so everyone can go over them.

The first link is the sermon and stuff from the leadership stuff from bethel and stuff I added.

The second link is an article I found that I preached some of it so check it out to.

Link 1

Link 2

I hope you all enjoy and get as much as I have gotten out of all this stuff =)

We Got Myspace

Yep that sums it up. We got a myspace =) Link

Forums are up

Hey everyone I found a site to host forums on for free. So if you guys want to discuss stuff that is outside of being on topic in a comment on the blog. Then this is the place to post it.

There is suggestions up and a general discussions right now. So lets see how they go I hope they add more to the blogging community out there.