Culture Shakers

Salt Shaker.pngSo last night I was worshiping and God kept speaking to me thru worship. He started showing me the community I live in, the culture that surrounds them and us and showing me this nation.

Thru all that He said to me that He needs his Culture Shakers to get ready and shake this Culture for Christ.

Now it may sound weird talking about culture shaker and what not but I’m going to go into detail about it cause its been running in my head all day and I believe I am suppose to share it.

Now I’m pretty sure I don’t have to explain the meaning of culture cause everyone knows what it is and we all are living in this culture.

Now our culture to sum it up is generally about self,sex,media,money,toys. Now Those can branch off into a lot of things but they all narrow down to those.

But that’s the worlds culture. What is our culture as Christians look like? Well its the polar opposite the culture Christians are in or should be in is about Others,waiting for the one,Prayer,Serving God and many others. If you look at our culture and then look at the culture of the world your going to see the opposites. But God said in the last days everyone will have the chance to know him.

Now how is that suppose to happen? Well in Joel chapter two God speaks and says “I will pour out my Spirit on all kinds of people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, and your young men will see visions”. Then you go down a ways to verse 30 and he says “I will show miracles in the sky and on earth: Blood, fire and think smoke”. Now I believe all this is prophetic to when Jesus was coming and to the days we now live in. All around America you are starting to hear stories of people getting healed, people giving there lives to Christ, People stepping out of the comfort zones to share the love that God has shown them with others. All this has to do with people seeking after God and doing what He wants.

The church has started running after God in a way they never have before. They are searching after Him and things are happening. Churches are stepping out into their communities and changes are happening in whole cities. The closest church that I know of that is doing all this and more right now is Bethel Church in Redding, California. That church has stepped out from church and into their culture and is making a change. That is culture shaking.

I believe it is time for all of us to submit ourselves to God so we can shake this Culture. It’s time we step out of our comfort zones and show people all that God has done for us and the love He has for us.

If we are to change this culture we can’t just sit back. It’s time to roll.

I’m going to make a pact right now in my life and I hope others do to be a Culture Shaker. I’m ready to press into God and I’m ready to get out of my comfort to listen to God and do his will. I’m ready to shake this Culture and my community and I hope you are to.

Much Love ~ Jeremy Newton


7 Responses

  1. I’m with you. Let’s shake it! How do you intend to go about it?

  2. Well it all starts with God. We need to pray and nourish ourselves with his word and presence. We need to ask Him to start leading us when we are suppose to step out and just do it. It’s not going to be easy but every little step helps.

    I’ve started getting involved in my community by helping out the middle school. The teachers get to know me and so do the kids and the parents will get to know me cause of their kids. It’s a great way to get out there and just be a witness by my life.

    Just pray about it and I’m sure God will help you.

    Another way I plan to be a culture shaker is through my blog here and soon to be website that I will be setting up this week. It’s going to be really awesome cause God is all over this. There would be no way any of this would be happening with out God.

    I was also thinking of making the culture shaker image I used available for everyone so they can put it were they want to just let people know they are stepping out to be a culture shaker.

  3. You are definitely hearing from God on this one. I keep hearing the same message, and feeling it in my spirit. The church is being sifted, and God is putting an end to the lukewarm Christians that have deceived many.

    In the last days, we need to be ready for battle!

  4. Don’t let this vision leave your mind. Keep seeking the Holy Spirit for a deeper revelation of this vision. I believe that if you keep meditating on this vision, the Holy Spirit will reveal a greater depth to it.

  5. Great post!!!

    To become culture shakers, we need to allow the Spirit of God to bring forth a mighty shaking in our lives. Many times this will happen, many times over in our walk with God, that shaking, which I speak of.

    Very much like dry bones in need of a mighty wind to blow upon them, the wind of the spirit.

    Just imagine anointed vessels of God, men and women of God, on fire for God, having been through the fires of intercession, being taken from Glory to Glory, in hot pursuit of the heart of God, and sharing the very love and redeeming passion of Christ with others walking in the anointing that the apostles walked in.

    Just imagine the wind of God moving through prophetic voices and the prophetic ministry and blowing across thousands at meetings, while some stand by as in the days of Acts, saying, what is this, these people are drunk.

    Just imagine the blind receiving their site, the lame walking, the deaf hearing, and the voiceless, speaking.

    Just imagine receiving the fullness of the measure of the love of Christ, as Paul spoke of and walking in the very anointing of God, the very fruit of the spirit.

    May the shakings begin…

  6. omg.. good work, guy

  7. Hi Everyone,

    Our high school will be having a ‘multicultural’ night in a couple of weeks and the theme will be ‘Stepping into Culture’. I entered ‘stepping into culture’ on google and got your site. I was totally inspired by all your comments to write a song for our Culture Night and sing it for everyone. Here it is (it took me all of 10 minutes to write):

    I’m stepping into culture–stepping into change
    I’m stepping past my doorstep–stepping past my range

    I wanna be a culture shaker
    I wanna be a culture maker

    Step by step God will lead me
    Step by step God will free me–
    To be the change I wanna see
    In my world–it’s gonna be…

    Better, brighter, bolder, more beautiful
    Loving, caring, accepting, more peaceful!

    (Repeat song from top. End with ‘step by step’ or keep repeating ‘it’s gonna be’ and fade out.)

    I wish you could hear the catchy tune that God gave me for these lyrics. Feel free to add your own tune and use this song however you wish. It’s a motivator to get moving and start dialoguing about change.

    God bless,


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