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So I guess valentines day has about 30 minutes left in it were I’m at and I kinda just want to ponder about love but not love as I love a person but love as God loves us.

See as Christians we are suppose to love everyone as Christ has loved us. I know for a matter of fact that tends to be really hard at-least for me. When I’m driving down the road and someone cuts me off on purpose the first think that rages thru my system isn’t love or when your computer starts doing things it shouldn’t the first thing that runs thru my head isn’t love.

In both circumstances the first thing that comes to me is a way to project harm. Why is that?

love.jpgI can’t really answer that well but I think alot of it has to do with the culture that we are surrounded by. I mean we live in a time in the last 5 years I think almost every news cast you watch has to do with violence. If it has to do with someone dying in the war or of violence in the middle east its all violence. We have gotten to the day in age were kids are bullying other kids on the internet and mentally torturing them and making there life’s a living nightmare. I’ve heard story’s of kids that that has happened to and the first thing that runs thru their head is harm. There have been kids that have been tortured so bad online they have gone to the extreme of taking there life or planning to take the life of the person that destroyed them and those around him.

It’s really sad to say we live in a culture that violence is so immanent. But almost any situation can be turned around with Love.

In Matthew 7:12 we read the golden rule which is “Do to others as you would have them do to you”.

There’s more meaning behind that then just treat others how you want to be treated. The deeper meaning is that if someone is treating you badly or is making fun of you, you almost always have control over the situation by how you react. Now are you going to react in the way they are treating you or are you going to treat them as if you were in their shoes. I’m reminded of a story John Maxwell told about him and his little girl going out for breakfast one morning and they ended up getting a really snobby waitress. She didn’t treat them the best and by the end of their meal he asked her if she could split a 50 so he could make sure to give her a good tip for the help she had been. Her mood immediately changed. She had acted rude towards them but he changed the situation but treating her like he would want to be treated.

Now see to be able to do do others how you would want to be done to you there has to be something deeper in you. That thing that has to be in you is love. You need the love for people and that love you need is God’s love for people.

As we live our life’s we need to be showing God’s love to those around us. The biggest thing I can think of is that we love God and what he has done for us. Well if we love God we need to love what we created and He created people. See we love God and we treat Him as good as we can, but we tend to not love people and we put them down. If we say we love God we need to love his Creation and that is people.

If we love people your going to see them as God sees them and your not going to point out fault. Your going to encourage them and help them when you can. There are to many people already putting each-other down in this world and it’s caused a high rate of depression and insecurity which leads to acting out in violence and harm. This is one of the reason’s I believe the culture has ended up the way it has. It’s because there are so many sources out there telling people they could look better, they could be better, they can be smaller , skinnier you name it. But then you add the church on top of what the world is doing and its adding to the judgement that people already face.

As Christians we need to love and love more than ever to show people that Christians aren’t what we tend to be perceived. We need to work on being all the better at loving people cause there have been to many people that have already messed up are image and its going to take work to changed the image of the word Christian.

So I challenge you today to start loving. Pray to God to help you love those around you and to give you his love for His people. I know I’m going to ask Him to cause I know I’m not great at this but with God’s help I can be better.

If you have any more you would like to add feel free to discuss it in the comments. I don’t want to start rambling and dry out my point.

Much Love ~ Jeremy Newton


7 Responses

  1. Amen, bro. I come from the hindu faith and so I was totally alien to God’s love. But when I came to know Yeshua [He healed me of cancer of the bone and muscles], His love for me blew my mind. God’s love far from being enclosed in words was dynamic, full of action….He proved His love and still does every day of my life. I still remember those three words He spoke to me that changed my life, ‘I love you”, and then “I still love you”.


  2. Wow thats a amazing blog I am soo happy God gave us love its a wonderful thing

  3. Something’s waiting for you in my blog. Check it out at Space of Reality See you there 😀


  4. Jeremy Newton I would have love to comment but I saw no comment on your blog ? 🙂

    Well I have just skimed the site and I one of the real problems with my fellow christians is there lack of knownledge of what the bible says.(not saying you)

    For love isn’t some nicey nicey thing where we are all candy and sweet .
    Love is being concerned for the real thing, saving people from hell.

    So you say we are not to judge people when In fact scripture doesn’t say we are to judge.
    We are to judge all thing in light of scripture and only not judge as a hypocrite judgement. If you are a (example of one sin someone might be in) homosexual who are you to tell another
    homosexual they are in sin,first stop the sin of homosexual first …

    But as you say just show love and never get to judgement and the fact the person as we all our,is a sinners and in need of being washed from their sins.
    Then you have not shown them love.

    Jesus wasn’t Mr.Nice guy he said the plain truth and spoke it to warn.
    He is an was God and he was what many today would call harsh at times.
    But it was still love (True Love)
    He said remember they will hate you because you speak the truth.
    Love is speaking the truth…

    In the christian world to many have become sinful because they won’t speak the truth and dress it up in compromise.
    I mean many so called christian listen to false teachers all day long and
    are so lack knownledge of the word.And it seen as wrong to Judge these people on what they say vs the word.Scripture say judge all thing in light of scripture to see if it is true…
    They embrace people like Joel Osteen,Ken Copeland and others …

    So we are to love others but in a bibilical love thumbs up

  5. Another thing is many think well you have to love them first then become friends with them ,then you can share Jesus…

    Well it’s takes a while to do all of this …
    Sadly they died before you ever shared the truth ..

    I witness everyday and most I meet I will never see again and I only have a short time to share the Salvation with them … I use tracts from like and I love the teachings of on witnessing ..

    They get straight to the bibilical way to witness ..

  6. Yeah I agree with you dan on alot of that. Love isn’t always sweet. If one of my friends whom I love was doing something and I knew it wasn’t helping them I could talk to them about it cause we have that relationship. But with someone that isn’t a Christian that is in sin it’s alot harder to bring that topic up.

    See alot of people that are in sin unless they were raised in church see sin as part of them. So when we say we hate the sin but love the sinner that sin is part of them and either way you say it it’s condescending. Now I agree that once a person is a Christian they are going to want to start getting rid of that sin and that is were the talks come in. Your going to be able to talk about the sin in their life and help them face but that is cause they want to and God is working in them.

    I didn’t mean to sound in my blogpost that it wasn’t ok to help people with their sin or to show them sin in area’s of their lives but I don’t believe in the best aspect of them getting saved that we should out front tell them whats wrong with them cause everyone already knows what is wrong with them and I know I wouldn’t want some stranger coming up to me telling me whats wrong with me.

    But if you have a relationship with someone you know they are doing it out of love to help us and not doing it to be condescending.

    I hope I better described what I meant =)

  7. Agreed, the Bible doesn’t say love and leave it there. It is about balancing love and truth. The truth is without Christ there is an eternity in Hell, but without love, no one wants what you have. That is one of the biggest challenges to the modern church. Balance between the wrath of God, and the love of God. If we could only learn the importance of both, together. We would be able to better reach out so much better.

    You are doing a good thing with this blog. I can’t wait to read more!

    Unashamed of Him,

    Philippians 1:20-21

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