It’s Just A Dream

Ok so we have all had dreams. We’ve had dreams while we slept, dreams of who we would marry and dreams of our life and how it would turn out. But no one can say they don’t relate to dreams.

Today I was thinking of all the dreams I have had of being a certain thing when I grew up. I remember when I was little I wanted to be a police officer so I could join the swat team. I can’t really tell you what ever compelled me to this motivation to do so. But that lived its course and then I had a dream of being in the United States Air Force, but that came and went. But then did I have the best dream of all, I was going to be a studio musician. Yeah that didn’t work either. I still love music and everything and I still continue to play but the one thing that led me to drop these dreams was a lack of a calling.dreamresize.jpg

Yeah so I wanted to be so many things but all of it was what I wanted to do or what friends wanted to do and I just wanted to be cool and be with them. Well it didn’t last. I guess there came a time I grew and realized that all that stuff wasn’t for me but then the problem with that was what was I suppose to do then?

Well I was at a conference and I was listening to Benny Perez preach I think he was talking on standing out for God or something I can’t really remember. But I was sitting there and all of a sudden God put a vision in my head of me being there. It was like he replaced Benny and put me there it was really weird. Well that was like 4-5 years ago. So I told some people about it and thought I was called to be a youth pastor but I kinda just was like eghhh and kept it on the down low. Well I started to pursue an more active role in leadership in my youth group and I kept feeling like there was more, that God was teaching me something.

Well finally last year I was at another conference and in worship God said “hey you remember how I called you to be a pastor? Well now is the time to start.” I was like cool playing it cool and all with God ha ha. But then it hit me ohhh no he really means it. So I left that night answered and confused. So the next day at the conference I asked God ok yeah I know I am suppose to be a youth pastor and all but I want to make sure this isn’t another one of those dreams. Well all of a sudden it became one of those things is you ask God and you kinda don’t really expect him to do type things. Well all of a sudden my heart was changed, I had a desperation for what he had called me to. I started to see all the teenager in that auditorium and was amazed to see so many people after God. God had changed my heart from just being a normal student leader to developing my heart into a pastors heart.

But the biggest thing of all is I don’t think I would have ever came to this point had I not had those other dreams in my life. If people didn’t encourage me to go after my dreams I don’t think I would have found out that they weren’t for me. If someone crushed my dream I probably would have done it out of spite to prove them wrong. So I am glad that I was always encouraged to follow my dreams. As Christians we need to be encouraging and that also means encouraging people’s dreams. We dont know what God has fully planned for that person’s life but he does and we just need to encourage it. If I wouldn’t have had a dream of being a police officer I probably wouldn’t have felt a calling to be a leader as much as I was but cause of that dream it developed a point in my life.

So I guess through all this you know what God has shown me today about dreams and how my life has been changed cause of dreams.

What have been your dreams?
What has God shown you?
What kinda of characteristics have you developed cause of your dreams?

Feel free to answer those questions in the comments so others can hear and grow also.

Much love ~ Jeremy Newton


One Response

  1. Well I have had dreams that God has given me. I have been told by different people that God is calling me to be different things. Now I am just waiting for God to show me what he wants me to do.

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