A Call To Love

The pastoral staff at my church has started reading How To Be A People Person by John Maxwell. Well they asked if I would like to read it and I said sure and so I got a copy. Well I started reading it and I’m not even thru the first chapter and I’m already loving the book. But the biggest thing that has stood out is a quote John said “People Don’t care how much you know tell they know how much you care”. Bigcrowd.jpg

It’s simple but its got so much depth behind it. As Christians we usually know alot or think we know alot and have to tell everyone but what God has shown us or what we have learned doesn’t matter unless people know we care about them and we want to help them out of love.

The greatest form of witnessing is love. There’s enough people in the world telling people what they are doing wrong and what needs to changed and alot of them are Christians to. But we should be loving and show we care. My life the way I have it right now I would love to see my whole community saved, but honestly thats not going to happen by me standing on the street and yelling at people and telling them what I know. I need and have started setting myself in the positions to make relationships. When people know I care about them and this community they will see why I do and thru me being Christ like that will be a greater motivator then telling someone to get saved.

Well I can keep going on and on but I want to keep it simple and open for plenty of discussion.

Much Love ~ Jeremy Newton


2 Responses

  1. Blessings to you!

    Keep up the awesome witness for God…

  2. Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord. Be joyful in hope, patient in affliciton, faithful in prayer. Share with God’s people who are in need. -Romans 12:11-13a

    Its funny how when randomly coming across this passage in Romans tonite when reading my Bible, and how God has been convicting me about how to reach out to others and love others how they are, that I would come across your blog. I totally agree with you, that we can’t stand on the street yelling at people, trying to convince them that they need a Savior. People who don’t think they are living in sin don’t want to be told that they are. We totally need to build relationships with people. Jesus was a relationship kind of guy. Wherever he went, I bet he was forming relationships with people, just like he does today with our hearts.

    Anyways, it was just cool to come across your blog after reading that passage tonite. And I have to ask, on your myspace, who sings that? Its gorgeous and I’ve never heard it before, but I totally love what its talking about-very powerful lyrics.

    God’s grace be with you,

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