How To Make A Better Blog In 13 Steps

I decided that I wanted to share with everyone some of the stuff I have learned from1051_76_77---The-Famous-199-Steps--Whitby--North-Yorkshire_web.jpg
blogging that will help you keep your blog going and to make it better.

1.There are many things that make up a great blog but the first thing is you got to pick a topic and stick with it. You can have a sub topic but make sure you blog is mostly posts on your topic.

2.Have great content. If you want people to read you need to have content that will attract people and keep them reading. A great way of keeping good content is to always put your spin on it and talk about yourself people would rather read more about you than stuff you can find everywhere.

3.Read and comment other blogs. Blogging isn’t just about you its a community. So visit other blogs related to your topic and read it and comment on it. When you comment you get a chance to link your blog and most authors will check you out and when you get to know them you never know you might create permanent link backs for each-other.

4.Pick a good layout. The way the web is now which is called web 2.0 they want clean and modern. Don’t pick a dark blog and don’t clutter it. Keep it organized and resourceful and keep stuff easy to find.

5. Link to other blogs. If you read something you like link to other blog.
6.Use social networking sites to submit your blog and its posts to sites like these:

Stumble Upon
Blog Catalog

7.Always comment back to peoples comments cause then you start discussion on your blog and it attracts others.

9.Use rss and make it easy for others to access. That way others can know when you update your blog without having to go to your site.

10.Use categories for your posts to keep everything clean and organized.

11.Post frequently but don’t post useless stuff. Post great stuff with good content. If you want to keep readers you need to keep giving them stuff to read.

12.Use pictures. When you have longer blog posts pictures take the focus off of all the words and make your posts look so long and it adds a little fun to your posts.

13. Don’t post huge posts. If people don’t understand something or want to know more you can continue in your comments and attract more discussion on your blog.

If you want to know more feel free to discuss and ask questions and I will add and if you want to add more to the post let me know and I will edit my post.

Much Love ~ Jeremy Newton


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