Championship Sudoku On A Rollercoaster

So today I was reading some discussions on a web bard and I came to realize that most people that I have ran into on the web want nothing to do with God and in the process of that they begin to tell others what is wrong with what they believe. Now I know it can go both wast, Most Christians as most people in this generation would say, Christians shove to much, they are always pushing their beliefs and telling people they are going to hell. I hate to say it but they re right! Christians in the broad spectrum tend to be for a lack of a better word/description ” I’m going to shove what I believe at you and if don’t like it then forget you there’s no hope for you.” Honestly if someone was doing that to me I wouldn’t listen to them. If I wasn’t already a Christian and know why I believe what I believe and my beliefs are based off of my personal walk with God I probably would stay away form religion, Cause there are hypocrites, to many rules and wacky beliefs. But the problem with all that is how we are perceived just but using the name Christian. Yes I hate Christianity at time but not for reasons you would think, It’s cause of the people that give other Christians a bad name, the broad sense of complexity and the label put on you when you say you’re a Christian.

“It seems finding and embracing God has become more complex than championship sudoku on a roller coaster. ~ Louie Giglio”

Seriously why is Christianity so complex, I don’tRollercoaster.jpg
believe God ever intended it to be that way.
When Christ said take your cross and follow me he meant just that “follow”. Don’t plan your life than put me in it but follow me. Following always brings spontaneity and acting in the moment. All God wanted us to do is follow him and embrace him and then form that relationship we will know what God wants us to and when. When you follow someone and learning form them your Character changed and you begin to be like them. God is a person of love and would do anything for those whom he loves. When we begin to imitate God thats what others should see, They should see God’s love. How are they suppose to see that wen we are to busy telling them their wrongs? There are to many sources in this world already telling us how bad we are what is wrong with us. Why would someone want to go after God when the person that is suppose to show the representation of God is telling them what the world is already saying to them? That’s not love. We only need to use words when people as but if not we just need to love and them a life committed for God and changed for the better from that commitment.

Now back to simplicity. All we need to do is follow God and from that comes a passion and that’s were the would with God starts. When we follow God he will direct us to what he wants for us in our life’s.

I’m going to end here to ope for discussion and comments. If you have questions ask but most of all feel free to discuss.

Much Love ~ Jeremy Newton


7 Responses

  1. Your right on. Jesus didn’t go around condeming people and telling them how bad they were. He
    didn’t say sorry you have sinned way to many times and I can’t help you and if you don’t do this and this and this your going to hell. He would win them thru compassion and the love of the father. Like you said we all know we are sinners but what people need to hear is that thru Jesus , God forgives them and that God loves them. We can show that same love and compassion by listening without judgement (judgement is God’s job) and loving someone for who they are and not trying to change them (changeing them is also God’s job). Keep them coming your on the right track,,,,,,,,,,

  2. Thanks Brad for the comment. It’s really nice to know I can always count on someone reading my blog lol.

  3. God has given you great insight into a lot of things he wants people to know. Don’t get discouraged keep pushing to get this out to a bigger audience.

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  7. Well I thought the first response to this posting was on point, but after that it seems to go somewhere totally different. I thought our comments are supposed to have something to do with the posting itself. Anyway, I totally dig your posting. I think you are right on and are displaying wisdom beyond your years.

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