Scratch My Back

Hey I thought I would make a post so that everyone could give me some feedback. So I am going to write what kind off feedback I am looking for and let me know honestly.

Stuff You would like to see,
Stuff you don’t want to see that is on here,
Ways to promote my blog.

Really I am looking for any feedback and suggestions on my blog so help me out. I was thinking of maybe making a community of christian bloggers but all this stuff that I want to do with this blog and ideas I have to have a website. But if you think I should I will work to my best to get a site.


4 Responses

  1. Hey nice to see you in blog catalog… Im Niro from SL Blogs .. Nice layout you have.. very professional … I remember my first Cristian church site

    Posts are not bad But hey you know try to use a nice post header or a pic often.. That attracts a lot..

    I dont think Blog tool Box will work.. it irritates the people… Don’t use a lot.. use few that is significant.. like technorati, blogcatalog and few..

    Your a regular writer so people like to read your RSS.. Burn with Feedburner and use it.. That gives you control over RSS stats.. Concentrate on that well..

    Next I prefer you go for a own domain name.. You deserve one…Then if can Put in some contest like this Will attract visitors..

  2. Sorry the spell checker gone mad it should be very “PROFFESIONAL” not unprofessional… please edit it.. Thanks..

  3. Hey, This is great! Keep it up. I found you through mybloglog.
    God bless you!

  4. I found a wonderful website monitoring tool that I think you will enjoy.

    The site will monitor your blog in great detail, I use it and love it.

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