My New Year

Well the last part of the year hasn’t been really good at all. Alot of stuff has happened in my life and i’ve fallen down the rabbit hole. Well I started getting into some stuff that alot of guy’s get into and I have been struggling with it and I’ve dealt with it in the past but this time it was alot different its like I haven’t ever been hit this hard with it before ever at all. Well and if that wasn’t bad I dropped out of my personal time with God. I wasn’t reading my word I was praying but thats cause I was crying out for help, But I didn’t do anything to redeem that help.

Well now I went into the new year with it and I guess the blind fold has finally come off and I now notice what was happening. So I messaged some guys{all older than me} and told them what had happened and to pray and help me out. So I should be getting on back track now. I am going to start going thru some stuff at x3church and I will be going thru this course online called setting captives free. So now I am really fighting this cause I have to much going for me to just give up. I’m tired of getting thrown around and beat up so I am taking a step forward and fighting back.

Now to the rest of my new year lol.

I will hopefully be starting school soon to become a youth pastor and that will be really cool I don’t think I can wait much longer lol. Im so stoked about it.

I got into the middle school and will be helping out and everything and that was totally God there also.

Now here is my biggest problem. I want to study and do the middle school stuff cause thats what God has called me to, But none of that makes money right now. I have to find some way to make money and get an income cause its getting really hard to be 19 and not be working or anything. So I just wanted to ask you all to pray that God will help me out. If he doesn’t want me to work that would be fine. I just want to do what he wants me to do.

I also want to get a job cause I would love to start a site called Jesus Encounter. It would be this blog and other resources and everything. I haven’t planned it all out but I believe it can be really awesome. That takes money though also. So just pray that God will help me out here =)

Well thanks for listening and please keep me in your prayers.

Love Jeremy =)


One Response

  1. Hey Jeremy ill be praying that God gives you a job that will help you with everything you would like to get done
    Love haley

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