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Update On The Middle School

Hey just so everyone knows. Pastor Brian and I met with the principle at the middle school. I wont go into a bunch of details in a bulletin but basically God has really set this up for the perfect opportunity. We have basically a huge oepn door, we have lots of projects to help get the school into shape and we also can come in anytime we want and help for lunch or just walk around the schools and make sure the kids are behaving and stuff. We also have her letting parents know about the teen center cause the kids don’t have anything after school like they did last year. SO they have no homework help or anything.

So basically if you want more ask but God totally had his hand over this cause everything we want to do is happening and we have a great open door.

If you want to help on any of the projects let PB or I know and we will let you know when dates come. Also if you are over 18 and want to volunteer let us know and we will try to get the info on how to do that. They really need the adult help to walk the school and stuff.

Also school doesn’t get back in tell the 8th of january so we have some time to plan everything and get everything set up. So it let us know.

We will also need people that can help with homework and stuff. We don’t know for sure yet but we might have to if your 18 or older require background checks if you are gonna help at at teen center or the school but we really dont know for sure so dont quote me on that.


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