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Pride Is The Fall Of Every Man

Well I’ve been reading pacesetters by Benny Perez, And the last couple chapters has really shown about pride. It was really weird cause I never really realized how much it actually is a problem and that I actually was dealing with it. It’s always not so evident but yet it is still there and that is how it was with me.

With pride we usually start with following God and letting him do what he wants but it is when we start getting into it and saying look what I did or man I did really good with this. Doing good or being proud you did good isn’t a problem but when you start to say “YOU” did good and don’t acknowledge God for helping your or putting you there in the first place.

Here’s a quote from Benny Perez

Pride often blinds a person’s ability to asses the strength of the opposition

Now the enemy isn’t as strong as we think he is but he is smart and if we are being prideful and in our own strength he is stronger than us and we won’t see his strength or conniving self. The way pride comes in I believe in this since is that we start to say “Oh I could never do this or I would never fall into that sin” that is prideful and is saying you can’t. Thing is anyone can fall into anything and when we say we can’t is when we are most susceptible to it. It’s God that gives us the strength to help us and protect us from falling into those things but when we say we cant it is saying we/ourselves cant and wont. But we all can and this is where pride slips in.

It may not seem like pride at that time but it is. It’s small but it is a form of pride. Now there our forms of pride in and of themselves that our not wrong and those are

– The pride of new parents and the miracle of having a new child
– The pride of a little league coach as his team loses gracefully
– The pride of a wife as she watches her husband read to her children
– The pride of our heavenly father as he watches us mature.

Pride which is centered in God and our relationship to him is essential.

How ever, there is a pride which is rooted in self. This is the pride which nourishes rebellion, destruction, selfishness and independence. This is the “anti-God” attitude that C.S. Lewis describes in this quote

If anyone would like to acquire humility, I can, I think, tell him the first step. The first step is to realize one is proud. And biggish step, too. At least, nothing whatever can be done before it. If you think you are not conceited, you are very conceited indeed

From “Mere Christianity” by C.S. Lewis

This is the pride which brought down Lucifer and turned him into Satan.

And there is always a price to pay because of pride and a great example of pride is Uzziah in 2 chronicles. Which I suggest you find the story of Uzziah and see the effects of pride and the damage it does. He started out great and doing what God wanted then he let pride in.

The basic outline of it is that Uzziah decided to burn incense at the alter which wasn’t wrong but only the high priests were allowed to do it. He wanted to do what God wanted but didn’t do it the way God wanted it done. Now before he did it some priests came in and told him what he was doing was wrong and to stop right now. God gave him a chance to back-out before he screwed up. But he in his pride and rebellion ignored them and in his mind decided to do it anyways. He never did it but cause he did it in his mind and thought it and had the pride and rebellion it was the same as doing so. Right at that instance leprosy started to show on his body.

Uzziah never committed the sin but he did in his mind and had the potential to do it. It’s like the bible says also that if a man lusts over a women in his head it is as the same as actually committing adultery.

It’s not the action of doing it but the thought. pride and rebellion of doing it.

Now another problem with pride is we start doing what we want and when we do that we no longer are ourselves for who God called us to be.

The big mistake that Christians often make is trying to be somebody they are not. This is not only insulting to God’s purpose in individual deign, but can lead to big trouble if a person gets off into the wrong ministries. God knows exactly what he’s doing with us ~ Benny Perez

God has called us to be the way he has designed us and when pride takes over or comes in we start doing what we want and not what God wants.

Well thats all I got for right now but feel free to discuss and add more if you believe I missed anything if somethings good I will edit the post and put it in.

Tell next time, Much love ~ Jeremy


One Response

  1. Pride is one of the sneaky traps the the enemy uses.It starts out as something small but the next thing you know it has snowballed into something that can consume you. It’s one of those things that we like to deny and like you said a lot of times we don’t realize it until it’s to late and we take the big fall. We need to pray every day “Lord keep me humble for without you I alone would have nothing”.

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