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What’s Sufficient?

Well what seriously what is sufficient when it comes to our walks with God?

How do we know?

Well those are really common questions and difficult ones to answer in a sense. I think alot of us and including me at some point in our lives we decided its to hard or if we are going anywhere. I know alot with me the last week is that point in life that I have faced alot and always seem to forget how I get thru it and its the stand still. The stand still is that place were you try and keep trying but you don’t see results in your walk with God or get any answers. Yeah its tough but really prayer and persistence is really the only key that has helped me but I don’t think I have ever defeated it completely or ever will.

I think thru my life and most people will also, we will face that constant fight of persisting in our word and personal growth. But it starts at a point, the point when something comes in and takes that place. What that is is called an idol. We all face them. Your doing all good and stuff and then you buy the new latest gadget or something that captivates you and your time. That’s the point of the start of the downfall of “The Stand Still”. Now you can get it out of it as long as you remember to keep God first, But if you don’t and go awhile off track guess what? It’s almost impossible on your own strength to get back inline. So to grow you need God, To stay in God you need God and to come back from a fall you need God. I believe another downfall is to often we believe “oh my life is going well and God has been working good and everything is cool”. Well then comes the storm. You start beginning to put focus on you and not God. It’s not necessarily pride but its a change in mindset and you no longer see the work of God in your life.

To make the end of a ramble, if you start falling of track get God and always keep your mindset on God’s works not your own cause they aren’t your own. Don’t start going oh why haven’t “I” been prophesying lately or why haven’t “I” been having dreams. The focus there is on I. If we start doing that we start thinking of the power of God as ourselves without realizing it. Everyday we need to realize that it’s all God. If you want visions don’t ask why you don’t but pray to God and ask him to reveal you his visions.

Now for the part of what is sufficient. Being a christian isn’t being perfect but striving for perfection and striving for God and his works.

It’s the same with are studying of God’s word and getting to know him. We need to constantly be getting better. If somethings hard start small and get bigger. As long as we keep striving we will do what his will is. Now on that though don’t be like “Oh I read 6 chapters a day”, But then when asked you don’t know what you read or what God showed you. We need to read and understand and have revelation about God and our lives and walk with him.

As a human we will never be perfect, but as a christian we don’t give up. We keep striving for perfection and striving in bettering ourselves and helping others do the same.

Well I hope I answered the question through all my sidetracks. I was really blessed writing this cause it showed me alot of stuff that I didn’t realize tell I had to contemplate it to write it. It’s weird how God works sometimes =)

Tell next time
Much Love ~ Jeremy


6 Responses

  1. I love reading your thoughts. God has given you alot of incite and wisdom and it shows in your writing.
    Do you think sometimes those stand still places are because God is patiently waiting to see if we are going to step out and use what he has already given us.
    Would he load us up with more and more gifts if we never used the first ones…would he give us prophecies or visions if we never shared them.

  2. Thats a really really good point. I never thought of it that way. I think that it could be a huge part of the problem.

  3. Do you think we try to make being a christian more difficult than God intended. Jesus is the model christian that we are all trying to be like. I think the 2 most important things in his life were to keep constantly in contact with God and to love one another. By praying all the time and keeping in contact with God this gave him the Heart of the Father which led to the second most important thing which is to love one another (take care of one another, encourage one another and pray for one another)no matter what the circumstances. And hopefully if we do these 2 things we won’t have to worry about haveing time to sin.
    Jesus led by example to the apostles. He didn’t have a Bible to give each one or a workbook or handouts for them to read. They didn’t read other peoples books on things that had happened in their life with God. They spent most if not all their time with Jesus which over time gave them a deep love for him and eventually gave them the Heart of the Father which inturn gave them the same compassion Jesus has for others…….of course we don’t have Jesus physically here to follow so we do need to read the bible to see the examples Jesus was to the apostle’s. Sorry for rambling.

  4. Yeah I agree with those two points totally. Christianity is alot simpler than people think of. I think as christians also including me over analyze alot. Instead of just doing something. We expect it to be really hard when most of it really isn’t at all.

  5. So what kind of preparation should we make before coming to service. You see people that are consumed by sports teams do a lot of crazy things to get themselves pumped up for their teams before and during games. We have someone far greater than any sports team to get hyped about yet it seems like we don’t come pumped up and excited about GOD. Shouldn’t we take some time at home before service and maybe listen to some worship music or do what ever is needed to get us pumped up for GOD. To get our mind set and our heart prepared. Shouldn’t we come to service ready to EXPLODE with excitement and anticipation of what GOD is going to do in service.

  6. Wow I never really thought about that. That’s a really good point.

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