The Few, The Proud, The Accountable

Ok so I want to talk about accountability. Well more so about accountability partners. I know if your a Christian you know what I am talking about so I don’t need to go into alot of details but what I am going to do is lay down guidelines for it. Like who to look for and what. I am going to show what I have learned.

First off I will say every Christian if they are wanting to grow or go farther in Christ or do amazing things your going to have to have someone to be accountable to. It’s not a question. I have found my self in many situations and I can say that it has been a huge advantage and help to have someone to be accountable to. So I’m gonna lay down points of what you to look for and then I think I will attempt to put points and being someone that someone is accountable to.

Now I am mainly posting for teenagers. Once you hit the age of 30-40 I don’t think some of these restrictions will apply to you.

Finding Your Accountability

1. I believe that the someone needs to be older than you
2. They need to be pushing forward in God
3. They need to be someone that will not be afraid to be real with you
4. You need to be accountable to that person they don’t need to be accountable to you. It works better that way
5. They need to know your goals and your mission in life(That means telling them)
6. You need to be able to go to them for anything physical or spiritual.

Now I might add more to those points later but I think they are good right now. Now for how to be the accountability.

Being The Accountable

1. Be real with them. They didn’t ask you to be there friend( it is good to be friends and hang out) but they asked you to be there accountability. You need to be real with them if you see something or they ask for help. That is your job they asked you to do not to be their friend or to be the vent so they can bash people. You need to be real and tell them how you see the situation or how you think God would see it.

2. Be accountable but don’t get caught up in there problems. Help them out but if they are having problems with a person don’t fall into that problem with them. You are there to lift the burden not carry it.

3. Make sure to always stay on track with God. Keep growing and make sure you are in prayer and studying.

4. You your self cant be someone’s accountability unless you yourself are accountable to someone.

5. Don’t condemn them. You can give insight and help but you are there to help not judge or condemn.
Now its different if you see someone doing something questionable cause your not judging your looking out for them. But once you bring it up its done with. If you keep thinking about it or bug them about it or look different on them or question their christianity cause of it then you are judging.

Well That’s what I got right now and I will add more when I can. But I gave you some points and I hope you use them and they help.

Tell next time.

Much Love ~ Jeremy


8 Responses

  1. ok that is a good blog just a couple of things is it ok for it to be a different gender or should it be the same? and can the person have more then one accountability partner?
    i thought it was really good just wondering how do you really know if its the right person?

    much love

  2. No they need to be of the same sex. There’s alot of reasons why but I’m sure you can guess and stuff. Main reason is if its of the opposite sex if you start divulging info to them or telling them about you no matter how hard you try u will start to get feelings for that person and thats not what their there for.

    You can have more than one accountability partner I don’t see why you would want to but you can if you want.

  3. And i think thats a good point cuz you don’t want to start to get feelings about that person cuz of all that you and that person are talking about and shareing with each other
    thanks i liked your point

    much love

  4. thanks bud
    that helps me with a lot of questions i had, but didnt want to bother you anymore with 😉

    ~hannah bo

  5. question… when and/or how do you draw the line, between friend and accountability person?

  6. I dont really get your question. Like how do you mean it? If at all possible could you rephrase it?

  7. ok…
    when you have an accountability person, you tell them things in order for them to keep you accountable
    and in my case i tell my good friends everything too

    so is there a difference between the two? Am i suppose to not tell my friend that stuff, or what?

  8. Nah I think your fine. My accountability is my cousin. The only thing I think is the key to remember is that when you assk them to be your accountability there priority shifts. They know long don’t say things they think will upset you. They have to now they need to tell you when they see you doing something wrong, They need to bring you back to reality at times and they can’t do that if they are worried about you not being friends with them or you getting all bent out of shape when they try to help.

    Well I hope I got my point across =)

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