Brains Are Mush

So ya my brain is like mush right now. I have alot of stuff on my brain and I am going to delight you with them to here in a sec. But mainly I want to ask you guys to keep me in prayer and maybe for some Godly advice that can help me out here =)

Well by now I’m sure you all know that I am called to be a youth pastor and everyday I think God keeps pulling my closer and closer faster than I thought lol.

Well I am going to start my schooling to get my credentials and stuff at the end of the month and I am super excited.

Now in September God called me to the local middle school. He really gave me a heart for them and to get to know them and try to be the best role model I can. In our youth group all our kids are in High school now and so we don’t have any connections in the middle school. So next week I will be going to the middle school to meet with the principle to see how I can get involved and help out and just make friendships and connections. I’m super excited about it cause God has giving me a heart for them.

Now here is where my mind has started to turn to mush.

I kept saying to myself I would get a job when I got back from Slovakia. I was saying ok I’m 18 and I need to grow up and get some living going. Now I know I wouldn’t have time for a full time job as school was gonna start soon but then when I got back things have started to fall inline so I can get involved in the middle school and get more involved in my church and helping out. Which is what I really would want to do cause its how I am going to do God’s work later on in life. But here is my problem.

I have to earn a living some how!!!!!

If I don’t have job and have no income its kinda hard to grow up lol. Now I know if I do what God wants me to do he will provide and I know that its just kinda of a hard leap to make. The leap wouldn’t be so hard if I didn’t have pressure from people telling me I need to get a job, I need to grow up or I need to quit being lazy.

The problem is I’m not being lazy I know what I am suppose to be doing with my life. Now I really feel like I need to forget about those people and go with God cause he will provide but again I’m having trouble making that leap of faith.

So I want to ask you guys for some prayer and ask you guys what you think I should do. Is studying and doing what God wants more important then making a living? I Don’t believe its wrong but it is hard. So just discuss it with me and also let me know what you would do =)

Now as of tonight I really feel God wants me to make an instrumental worship album also so keep that in mind to =)


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  1. Ok So Jeremy if I was in this situation, I would probably study what God wants me to, And then go find a job or something. Because you should always do what God wants before what people want you to do or you want to do. So I think you should study first or if anything just keep praying about it.

    I love you

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