What Draws Your Character

Ok I’m gonna talk about probably the thing that got to me mid trip this year. On a trip when everyone is around each-other for a week or so you learn alot about people especially when they are tired. Now it wasn’t a bad thing cause you get to actually really know people better than you had before, in ways that might not have been great but for me I felt it was.

I have come to realize, I’m pretty sure it was a God thing but I also know it is just something that comes of age, But I was feeling I guess you could say depressed a little mid trip. I started really getting to know the people that I call friends and getting to know the people that weren’t my friends. I guess I started to get depressed cause God showed me who my friends really where. I have friends that are negative I have friends that any time I get around them I end up saying something stupid or doing something lame and then there is the friends that I hadn’t been holding close to me that are encouraging, good tempered and are really on the same page with me.

Well mid trip I started to feel like I really didn’t have any true friends. I was feeling like ok I have friends but there people I do stupid stuff with or I just end up fighting all the time with. Now thats not true of all of them but some of them it was. I wouldn’t really hold good standards when I was around some people cause I just wanted to be in the group. One thing I noticed is that if you are around negative people you start to become negative. Now I have always heard that but I actually experienced it. I guess I’m finally growing up or something cause even though I got to the point of well I guess an epiphany I also realized that even though my friends weren’t all that friendly I still had God. Now it was weird I don’t think I had a problem this whole trip tell at this point riding in the bus to do a church camp thing and I started crying. I started to realize that I was getting to the point of that I cared to much of what these friends thought of me instead of the real friends. Now they are still my friends but I guess God just gave me a different outlook on what I should be around them or kinda to put my guard up. Really I think God just completely changed my mind in this thinking of true friends and the influences they have on us.

I still love all my friends but I found out that the people I use to think I could never be friends with or I thought acted to mature all the time, They really are my friends. I thought that of them cause of what my friends around me thought and/or cause I wasn’t being what I was suppose to be and in a sense I mocked them for my lack of it.

I guess God really showed me on this trip it’s time to grow up. I still feel sometimes like my friends are few but yet I’m comfortable with it, Cause I would rather have 2 good friends that 50 friends that do nothing but make me less of a true man of God.

I haven’t broken ties with anyone and I don’t feel like I should but I do know that it was time for me to grow up on my outlook on friends. I had to realize what I was really suppose to have in friends. Now we all go thru times and the people I didn’t think were my friends ended up being good friends and the people now that I have a new outlook on are still my friends but they difference is that I realized what I did around these friends. Now I don’t really look for the acceptance and I don’t want to lower my standards or do anything to hurt anyone just to be with these friends. I found my self at times around certain people that I would end up joking and hurting someone else. That’s not right at all.

I needed to realize to put my guard up and be different than that.

Well I don’t want to drag out my epiphany more than is needed to get the point. But I do pray and hope that you all get a chance to really pray and think of the value of your friends. See what the characteristics are of your friends and see what characteristics they draw out of you, You will probably be shocked.

Well tell next time.

Much love ~ Jeremy


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  1. Hey Jeremy wow that was good and i im going to start praying about the value of my friends and hopefully i will learn what my friends are really to me.
    And i pray that you will keep on learning about the value of your friends and that god will keep on working trough you

    I Love you

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