There And Back Again

Well I’m gonna talk about me falling and coming back all within basically a two year time frame. Well like most guys we all face porn. It’s everywhere and our culture says its ok. Well I have struggled with that ever since I was 12. Its tough. I would be strong for a year then fall and come back again. Well finally I have gotten a reign on it. But of course with pornography it does rewire your brain to think of certain things girls do and say will turn you out to basically be a bad guy. You don’t want what’s happening to happen that you see girls in a different way but it does change you.

Now thru God I have finally started to get my life back in line. But before I got back into line I had an even deeper fall. Cause of porn and stuff and changing the way I would think I had problems with falling alot. Well I met a girl{Name is going to be anonymous} and one word led to another and well we started planning to have sex. It probably would have happened but I started to remember in the heat of all of it “I cant do this, God has called me to be a pastor and I have vowed to purity”. Well It ended thankfully without me doing any thing rash that could cause disease or a child conceived not out of love.

But thru all that I managed to still see God as that light at the end of my dark tunnel. Sin is like a mountain, the only way to pass it is to go around it but if you fail to do so your going to keep restarting tell you learn to pass the point that you failed at last. I failed quite a few times and stressed myself out quite about cause of guilt. It was tough. But I finally listened to God thru all the time he was talking to me and actually listened and did what he says.

Now I’m a better man, I’m starting my training to become a youth pastor soon, I’ve been called to the Junior High Campus in my town to connect and reach the kids cause we have no students in Junior High anymore and now I have my blog. A place for me to share God with people, and to share what he is doing in me. When God gives you something you need to be able to pass it on to help others unlock that in their life’s and then God will pour more into you cause you are pouring out, And thats what he has been doing in me ever since I started sharing God. All I can say is if it wasn’t for a loving God I probably would be a guy that is basically sitting at the gate of Hell.


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  1. “There And Back Again” A hobbits tale” lol sorry I had to. I’m proud to be your friend. You’ve got the courage of ten men.

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