Common Misconceptions Of A Christian: The Post 1

Well I’ve finally sat down and hopefully worked this thing out. I will probably add more later but so far this is what I got as of right now.

That We Are Perfect:

Most people conceive this idea cause for right reason. Christians alot of times will treat people that aren’t Christians in a condoning manner and in doing so we end up or are saying we are perfect. I don’t believe as a Christian it is right what so ever to put off the idea that we are perfect or let alone condemn those who aren’t believers. God doesn’t call us as Christians to be perfect. He calls us to strive to be better than what we were the day before and its only possible to grow that way with God. God hasn’t called us to be perfect and I am in many ways tired of Christians putting that off to non believers.

That We Are Only Out There To Convert:

Again people most often have a right to think this. Often times we as Christians only befriend someone to save them. Now it’s good you want to see them get saved but the issue is were you as a person trying to save them steps over the friendship. We need to have the friendship. What good is it to get someone saved and then abandon them. I love the quote “Preach God always, Use words if necessary.” Our life needs to be a model of Christ. We don’t need to be preaching Christ.

Christ was sent to die for our sins and to be a model of God since no one can see God that is what Christ is for. Now from what I have read and understand is Christ never befriended someone to convert them. He befriended them to show them the love of God. Then when they experienced that love they asked for forgiveness.

That Being A Christian Is A List Of Do’s And Dont’s:

The best way I can explain this is when I was reading John Bevere’s book “The Devils Door” God gave me some stuff from that book and I wrote it down so this is what I got.

When your out of obedience you come into rebellion and rebellion takes you out of God’s light and gives Satan legal right to mess with you. Quoting scripture to get out of temptation is a form of spiritual warfare but if your in disobedience you have no control over Satan. To gain full access to the Holy Spirit you need to be in God’s obedience, Cause out of that obedience you get the Holy Spirit. God”s not going to give you something if your not going to be obedient with it. When you’re obedient you are hearing God and resisting the devil and the more you do that you’re going to go deeper in Christ. When you have the obedience you have control over evil. But don’t dabble in learning about evil and how to fight it, Cause were you put y our focus is were you will begin to go. Your goal is to focus on God and do what he has called you to do and when Satan gets in the way you have Control over him. So don’t worry about how to fight the enemy, Cause when the time comes God will tell you what to do and by being obedient to what he says you will overcome evil.

See being a Christian isn’t a list of do’s and dont’s. We do what God’s says out of the love and respect we have for him. It’s not cause we are forced to.


Now this is a tough one. Cause as humans we are not perfect. But if your are going to preach or say something you need to believe and live what you say or preach. Being a hypicrit is no part of being a Christian. If you don’t live what you say or are not growing in that area you don’t need to be discussing that part. That is for some one else to say. Like the bible says

” We who are strong in faith should help the weak with their weaknesses, and not please only ourselves. Let each of us please or neighbors for the good, to help them be stronger in faith. – Romans 15:1-2″

As Christians we need to talk about what God is working on us with and has done with us. So to strengthen fellow believers.

Summing It Up:

Now I am far from done with this but I wanted to give you guys what I got so far. Feel free to discuss and please to give me more stuff to add to this that most people see you as a Christian or if your not a Christian and reading this please let me know what you think of Christians so that I can do my best to address the conception.

Tell next time,
Much Love ~ Jeremy


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  1. Simple, but well said, and important.

    I found this through the Christian Carnival.

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