Suggestion Box

Hey I wanted to post about blog suggestions. I have heard some great ones that last couple days and am starting to make a plan to go that way. But I want to know what else the readers want to see that would attract them more to the blog and to attract them to talk and discuss and ask questions about the things of God.

This is my list so far of things I heard and things I want to be able to add to the future of this blog

Open Discussions

I want to see open discussions on the blog comments and stuff. I will start making my post to fit more in line with that and ask questions to what user’s think about certain things and passages of scripture.


I want to add forums so that people can sign up and discuss and ask questions in a place of the website and stuff.

Suggestion Box

I want to add a suggestion box so you guys can write them up and they will email to me and I will do my best to make them happen.

Topic suggestions

I would love a place probably in the forums for people to suggest topics to talk about and stuff then I will do my best to cover that topic. If someone else comes into that topic and writes a really good response for that topic I will write it on the main blog and give them full credit for it.

Really I want this blog to be for you guys.

So comment and let me know what you want to see on this blog =)


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