Tonight Rocked

Well tonight at church God really got ahold of me it was awesome. I had some stuff happen earlier today and even though it did suck God helped me by learning from it and growing.

But tonight was awesome God started telling me “It’s coming!!! What you have been praying for so much is coming get ready”. It was awesome then Pastor Brian started praying for me and he said the same thing. So it was really cool how God confirmed that for me.

Well I don’t have time to post long. But I wanted to let you know what happened.

Oh also there will be some updates to my blog. There will be more scripture in the prophetic guidelines section when I get a chance to post them up so everyone can see were it’s coming from.

If you see anything and think I should add some stuff let me know I will be happy to listen to everyone’s idea’s.

Also I wanted to give you a link you my good friend Joseph’s blog. He is a strong man of God and is a dear friend to me and you guys should read what God has given him.

Much Love ~ Jeremy


6 Responses

  1. What up J,

    I glad that God has spoken the Word in you Heart. You are Awesome. I want to encourage you to keep pressing on for the Kingdom.

    using the word Suck so close to God is a danger thing to do. When you post leave out the word SUCK.I a bad Word.

    ” In all our getting, get understanding.


  2. Sorry for the Typo.

  3. Thnx for the comment man. I didn;t even think about using suck so close to that I’ll be more careful. Thank you also for the encouragement =)

  4. wow thats cool how he confirmed god confirmed stuff for me to awesome

  5. suck ___________________________________God hmm ok much love

  6. i don’t think that suck could be a swear word unless he intended on making a foul statement using it. The closeness of the word to God means not much to God hes not mad at the word. he doesn’t like the way it could be used. God bless you fallstown

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