Pray Into Action

This post is going to be on my study of prayer I did and God has showed me alot. One I know I need to work on prayer alot cause it’s not my strongest gift lol.

Most if not all the stuff I studied I got from the manuel I got down in redding so I’m using stuff from that.

Why We Pray

God has hand cuffed himself to prayer. From the beginning, he has made it apparent that he intends to partner with us on the Earth. Our end of the partnership is prayer. He requires us to pray in order to see his kingdom established on the earth.

Oftentimes we think, “well, if God wanted to do it, he would just do it. He’s all powerful;he can do whatever he wants.” But Jesus himself told the disciples to pray, “your kingdom come, your will be done{luke 11:2}, on earth as it is in heaven,” Implying that we have to pray that God do his will on earth. This is because God has hand-cuffed himself- has restrained himself – to moving within the realm of prayer.

Prayer ushers in moves of God.

The Welsh revival turned an entire nation (Wales) back to God in a matter of three years. Bars emptied, sporting events were canceled. An entire people were finding Jesus in the streets, in their homes, and with their families. The Welsh revivial was started by six young people who gathered to pray.

God always responds to the cry of desperation

There is a strange dynamic in believers who truly contend with the Lord through prayer for a city, a region, a nation, or anything impossible. Our feyes must be on who he is and the amazing things he has done. Our focus is on how good and faithful and powerful God is, and the things we have seend him do; our focus cannot be on what he has not done. This i in order to maintain praise in our hearts and an open attitude of worship. But while we live in the reality of an amazing, powerful, faithful God, we also recognize that we need more. We need to see him do more, we need more of him in our lives, we need to see him ignite our city with a passion for him. it is odd to be completely satisfied and content, and yet be completely dissatisfied and desperate. We pray pray prayers of desperation, fully knowing that he responds to the desperate prayer.

How to Pray Prayers That Do Things

The key to praying prayers that actually do things is to ask God what HE wants you to pray in the first place. “your will be done….” actually means that we need to be praying God’s will. So the initial place to start in pray is ” God, what do you want to do?” And then when he responds, you cry out for and declare into being whatever he told you. It’s a pretty simple arrangement. You pray what God wants to do anyway, and his response is” Oh! What a great idea! I was wantind to do that too! let’s do it!” A key part of that is being able to understand God when he talks. If you don’t know how to hear him, then you won’t hear the responses to your prayer of “God, what do you want to do?” and you will spend your life praying ineffective, unproductive, boring prayers.

So, what are some of the ways God talks?

First thing first: God is not human, and his first language is not English. He’ll talk with you in all sorts of ways. Here are some examples:


Big Booming Audible Voice:

Voice inside your head
Your OWN voice inside your head
Someone else’s voice inside your head



Impressions (behind your eyelids)


Putting out your “feelers.”
You though you were moody… lol


Etc…fun stuff!!




Language of the Spirit (coincidences)
the Bible (he’s called “the Word”…)

Proverbs says it is the glory of God to conceal a matter; it is the glory of kinds to search if out. God hides his word FOR us, not FROM us. It’s an easter egg hunt =)

He will change the way he talks to you so you have to search after him His ultimate goal is to have a relationship with you, so if you find a way that you “always” hear from God- a way that you “always” know it’s him talking – then you are turning his word into a formula to do things with. Do you ever have times when it seems like God isn’t talking? God is always talking (he’s called “the Word”) and he’s always faithful. But he’ll change the way he talks so you have to keep going back to him to hear what he’s saying. He will start talking to you in the same way over and over so you’ll start to recognize the difference between his voice and another’s, so you learn how to hear from him. But it gives him no glory to talk with you in same way over and over again like you’re a little kid, and it gives him no glory to talk to in a way that you cannot ever understand. He will change things up so you have to continue to search after him.

The majority of our prayer lives should be spent asking God how to pray.Then you declare what he said. So your hear from God, then you prophesy. Once you know what God wants you to pray, it does you no good to sit and plead with him. You already know that he wants to do what you’re praying for. So command it into being. The power of life and death is within the tongue. You can call it prophetic prayer, you can call it prayerful prophesying, you can call it declaration, but the point is that it’s pointless to plead with the Lord like you have to convince him to do something when you already know it’s what he wants to do

Quite possibly the strongest picture of revival is found in Ezekiel 36. God didn’t tell Ezekiel to pray for the dry bones. Ho told him to prophesy over them. Ho told him to speak to the wind.

This is also the best way to sustain prayer. Ezekiel had to prophesy twice in order to see the bones become an army. Sometimes we have to keep going after something in prayer, but that’s easy to do when we know that we’re praying what we already know God wants to do. We pray dreams on regular basis. They keep us focused on were God is wanting to take us right now and what he is wanting to see happen in our region right now.

Authority in Prayer

You only have as much authority as you submit to. Moses had authority in the battle against the Amalekites. Joshua benefited by it and was able to utilize it because he was submitted to moses’ authority.

God is cultivating within his people a culture of honor. What is your response to authority? Is it love? Honor? Respect? A person’s character does not determine whether or not you give them these things.

Iraqi POW’s. I give honer to a person in authority over me, not because he ins honorable or deserves it, but because I am honorable.

“Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.” What is in your heart will be evident by your actions and your words. This is also conversely true. You can begin to change your heart and your attitude by taking charge over your words and actions.

One of the most humbling things you can do is apologize to a person. That is also one of the greatest ways to humble and submit your heart to another person.

Praying for Other People


Praying for Healing

Words of knowledge: praying with and without it just do it!

The Prophetic: Edification, Exhortation and Comfort!

No direction or correction

No mates, dates, or babies!!

No Thus saith the Lord…!

Jesus love people. That’s really all there is to it. His love ought to be obvious in the midst of prayer. When you “lay down your life for your brothers,” it means that it’s not about you in that moment – it’s about that person’s encounter with God.

Well I hope you got as much as I got out of all that. Now I didn’t take everything out of the manual just what stuck out and helped me and thought would help others to. So tell next time

Much Love ~ Jeremy


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