Confrence Notes

Ok I’m going to write out my notes so everyone can see what I got written down. Now one of the biggest problems with this was that I should have wrote more but I got so involved in listening I started forgetting to write lol. Well anyways I’ll give it a shot.

Linda Mcintosh — Becoming A Leader In Revival aug 1,07 am

“God Will Offend Your Mind To Reveal Your Heart”.

Now really you need to ask God to show you what that means for you. But what she meant when she said it was. That God will wake you up at night and want you to pray or he’ll give you a situation and by him messing with your mind in that way it shows the truth in your heart.

Now I have a whole binder of all the leadership classes and everything they said but it would take forever to go thru it. There is talk though that we will be going thru the book as a youth group and stuff though so if you want to learn more go ahead and ask and I’ll see what I can manage.

Lou Engle — Aug 1,07 pm

Scripture: Genesis 27, Genesis 40:37

” God didn’t create a dream for you, but he created you around a dream”.

” A person with a dream can do anything cause a dream comes from heaven”.

” Pay close attention to your tears cause they are pointing you to were your heart is”.

” People in jobs move people, People in prayer move God”.

” There will always be dream busters”.

Loni Mcintosh — Aug 3, 07 am

Scripture: 2 peter 1:3, Jeremiah 9:23, Zachariah 2:13, Song Of Solomon 2:8, 3:1, Daniel 9:23, Isaiha 63

” Every encounter with The Lord has to change us”.

Chris Hill — No Man Aug 3,07 am

Scripture: John 5:1-7

” There are some ugly situations in a beautiful place”.

Now Chris here is talking about the church and how the pool of bethesda is alot like the church and stuff. Then he goes on to say 3 illness’s that are found at the pool

1. Blind People: These are the people who’s perception is damaged. They can sense whats going on around them but can’t see it to act on it. They can look truth in the face but not reconize it.

2. Lame People: They don’t have all there strengths or abilities. The enemy came in and destroyed them for what they were for, They have weakness.

3. Paralyzed People: Their Spirit tells them something but their body doesn’t follow.

” These people are at the pool waiting for the water to be troubled. When the water’s troubled the blind see, the lame are strong and the paralyzed move”.

” Jesus goes right to the problem and doesn’t go for the easiest case right away”.

What he meant in that last quote. Was when you read the verse Jesus didn’t go in and find someone with a crooked thumb or something or someone that just needed some encouragement. He went into the paralyzed man that hadn’t walked for 36 years and healed him. See he went in and troubled the water doing that. By showing everyone around that God was there to heal and healed that guy first. By healing that guy first it raises the faith of everyone around them that its actually gonna happen and it troubles the water.

Now I sat in for more sermons but like I said I started getting into listening and stopped writing lol. But I hope what I got helps you all.


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