God, Redding And Me

Well there’s so much God did its going to be hard to say everything. I will start of saying is that God has really grabbed me and said you know what your headed for my dream and I’m not letting you go. As lou engall said ” God didn’t create a dream for you, but he created you around a dream”.

I think God really put in my heart No Rejection. No matter how many times we go to someone and ask to pray for them or try and share God with them and the reject us who cares we did what God told us to do the rest is for him to do. If you come along and share something with someone and they reject you you have just put the thought of God in there head and they’ll think about it and later on down the road someone will come along and ask them about God again and this time God has done his work and they’re ready to recieve. So basically if your in God everything is positive, It just depends on how you look at the glass =)

God really started pouring the pastor’s heart into me some more. I was up in the back of the confrence and just watching God move was amazing. It really touched me to see God moving in over 2000 young people and to see him moving and changing our youth.

It was amazing I really came home ready for him to do great things. No longer wondering if he wants to do something but knnowing that he always wants to do something. Why not wake up everyday and ask God for you to come into contact with someone to put the thought of him in the head.

One of the things we did is we went out on the streets and did ministry. They first day we went to a school campus and prayed for it. But this was different than normal prayer at a campus. We were looking for God and what he was saying about the campus and you know what everyone heard God say something about that campus and they all lined up with everyone else without us even talking it was awesome.

The second day we were to go out and pray for people. Well before we did we went and they told us to take 5 minutes and pray and ask God to show you people he wants to minister to. So we did and we started writing down what God was showing, And the key to this was no matter what pops in your head while your praying write it down if it wasn’t God it wasn’t but what if God wanted you to touch someone and you didn’t you just risked they’re life and now God has to send someone else when he called you to do it. Now it was awesome going around looking for the people God had givin us. It was really awesome one of the young lady’s in our group had a vision about someone in a wheelchair on air and stuff, And you know what she found her and ministered to her and what was awesome was it was on my list and our senior pastors list. So God really wanted someone to get that lady and he confirmed that lol.

Another thing God gave me was that all our students in our group that are in the sherwood middle school have moved to the high school and we have no one in the middle school now. And he said you know what I’m calling you to change that. He’s put the junior high on my heart and ecspecially that school. He said there not going to come unless someone older than them that they will respect goes in there and gets them. So I know God’s called me to be a pastor and going into that I already know my first task and that is the Sherwood Middle School and the Junior High in our church.

Another thing God showed me and it was thru my youth pastor after the confrence was that after we’ve all had a movement theres going to be an attack from satan, Now someone might come and attack you or accuse me but he showed me not to look at the person but look at the attack. Cause if you look at the person you will quit loving that person but if see the attack and fight back you will win. When satan attacks you be like ok I’m being attacked cause God wants me to move well instead of praying or ministering to one person today I’m doing double. Anytime there’s an attack always go double cause if satan wants to have a war then there’s going to be a war the only problem is we have already one.

As long as we are in God there is nothing that can come against us. Demons and curses can’t touch you. To many a times people start going “ok if I ever run into something demonic or possesion I need to know about it and how to cast it out” you know what nock it off. If you start dabbling in that stuff no matter how much you fight it will start to take you in. Don’t focus on it. But if you focus on God and learn from him when the time comes you’re going to know what to do. So don’t dabble in that crap. God isn’t going to let you face something if your not ready to fight it. It’s just up to you how your going to fight it is the part of the test. Are you gonna ask God what to do and have him help you or are you gonna do it by your own knowledge from what you read. Tell you what I’m gonna do the first.

Now while studying and going deeper in your relationship with God remember “Don’t read what you believe, But believe what you read”. Which means instead of putting your beliefs into what you read believe what your reading and God’s showing you.

Now there’s probally more I could add but I’m starting to get a hand crap and plus I’ll keep adding the the blog cause I want everyone to encounter God.

Oh yeah another thing God told me is “Quit holding what I give you for yourself. I’ve given it to you but its not your it’s mine so give it to everyone I can’t give you more unless you start giving what I give you and then I can add to your gifts cause then I’m not only relying on you to do something but you have passed it on to many and then we can move on in our relationship”.

Well tell next time. Much love Jeremy =)


2 Responses

  1. Jeremy! That’s incredible! I know you said there was a LOT, but to be honest, I had no idea it was actually THIS much that God’s been showing you. This is amazing! He’s got great things in store for you, buddy = )

  2. Wow Jeremy thats so amazing what God’s doing in you.
    Jeremy God has a plan for you and you need to grab it and not let go.
    I know that God told you your going to be a pastor and thats really cool.

    I’m encouraging you to talk to your friends on myspace or something that don’t know God and talk to them about God I talk to my friends all the time about God and they don’t really care but I keep on telling them and hopefully one day they will come to know God.

    I love ya

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